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All About Bridges Edition (5/29/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

In my ongoing quest for knowledge (and things to tie these emails to), I found out that today is the anniversary of the opening of one of the world's most famous bridges.  On May 28, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge opened, allowing people to travel from San Francisco to Marin County.  In fact, today marks the 75th anniversary.

And why am I yammering on about bridge trivia?  Because this week's email is all about bridges of course! Granted, these are the pool playing kind rather than the kind that Magneto tore out and moved to give the Brotherhood of Mutants easy access to Alcatraz, but still, you see the connection, right?  

After I'm done telling you all about the awesome bridges we sell, Liz Ford will treat you with an equally awesome new article just for our loyal PoolDawgians.  And away we go!


The Moosehead Bridge

Absolutely the most popular bridge head we sell.  It gets it's name from the fact that it sort of looks like a moose's antlers, but the real story is the angles.  This bridge head is made in such a way so that you get pretty much every angle you'll ever need when attempting a shot with a crutch.

Did I mention that it sells for basically pocket change too?  Less than 2 bucks each and if you buy in bulk we'll drop the price even more.


Telescoping Retractable Bridge

Is there anything more aggravating than reaching for a bridge in the middle of a game only to find that the pool hall's bridge is missing?  Well now you don't need to rely on the pool hall for your bridge.  You can bring your own with this handy retractable bridge.  The bridge extends out 55" and collapses down to 13" making it small enough to fit into most jump butt pockets.  Very spiffy.


The Power Bridge

This one's pretty new for us, but early customer reports have been positive.  Like the Moosehead, this bridge gives you a ton of angles, but it also lets you flip it on any of its sides to give you even more height.  It also fits on the tip of most break cues (or house cues for that matter) so you never have to worry about trying to find a bridge stick.



The Justa-Bridge

Ok, this thing is seriously cool.  The number of angles you can set up are endless (well, not actually endless since there are a finite number of possible angles, but you get the idea).  The bridge operates on a cam system, so if you need a different angle, just rotate the bridge.  Plus, it fits on pretty much any pool cue or bridge stick, so it's totally easy to use and compatible.  

My favorite feature though is the lining that makes sure your shaft doesn't get scratched.


Liz Ford - Size Does Matter - Your Guide to Pool Tables

One of the most interesting things about pool, infuriating to some, is that there's no one standard size of table. For every person who turns their nose up at a 7-foot bar box for being a toy, there's another who fears and avoids the extended green of a 9-footer.

To each their own, but there are different aspects and strategies to consider in regards to your game depending on the size of the table. Learning to adapt your skills to a variety of formats pays dividends; don't pass up the opportunity to hone your skills just because "you don't play on THAT size table."...keep reading

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