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Awesome New Pool Cue Tips Edition (1/8/13)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

You know what's important?  Pool cue tips.  I know, it's just a piece of leather, right?  This is true, but that little piece of leather can be the difference between winning and losing.  

If you ask most pool players, they'll tell you that one of the most important part of their shaft is the tip.  Some will tell you that the shaft's stiffness or diameter is important, but really it's all about the top few inches and the tip, which is why this week it's all about pool cue tips.

Good tips allow you to put more English on the cue ball.  They allow you to be more accurate with your shotmaking.  They do a better job holding chalk which helps you avoid miscues.  That's why pool players happily spend top dollar for high quality, performance tips.

Here at PoolDawg, we understand the importance of cue tips, which is why we offer over 60 different styles.  We've got Moori, Kamui, Tiger and all the most popular tips, but this week we're focusing on some new brands we just added.

After you're done checking out our new pool cue tips, be sure to check out Liz Ford's latest article.  This week, she's breaking down the five pool resolutions that every pool player should have on their list.  And away we go!


Fuji Pool Cue Tips

Despite the mental imagery that comes with Fuji, these tips were not crafted from the lava of an active volcano (although we do sell chalk that was made with lava rocks if you're looking for that sort of thing).  No, Fuji tips actually come from the good folks over at Longoni and feature 12 layers of delicious treated pigskin. 

Flying Pig Pool Cue Tips

The fact that this cue tip is named "flying pig" and has a foil logo of a winged pig should be enough to sell you on the tip, but in case you need more information before you make a purchasing decision, here's what you need to know - It's a medium hardness tip (75.7 on our durometer), it's constructed with 10 layers of premium pigskin and at eight bucks is a steal for a premium multilayer tip.

Blue Elf Pool Cue Tips

As far as we know, these tips are not made by elves.  They also don't appear to be made with elf skin, which is good, because from what I know about elves, they're really good with bows and arrows.  I'm talkin' Legolas good.  What we do know is that these tips are pretty hard (90.4 durometer rating), they're constructed with 5 layers of nubuck leather and are extremely durable.  Oh, and they're good players too.

G2 Pool Cue Tips

With all the difficulties getting Moori tips as of late, we decided to start carrying this up 'n comer.  Like Moori tips, the G2 is a super premium Japanese pigskin tip, with 8 layers of oinking goodness.  They're available in soft (74.8), medium (80.2) and hard (85.5) and have a very similar feel to their Moori counterparts.

Liz Ford - New Year, New You: Pool Goals for 2013

The New Year is usually a time of reflection about the bigger picture in life, a time to set goals and to visualize the year ahead. If you love the game of pool, take a little time to apply this deep thinking to enjoy the heck out of 2013 in the poolroom. Here's a look at five of my favorite “big picture” goals and how they can inspire you to make this the best year yet!

1. Make your weaknesses strengths. Quit avoiding those shots you're "just not good at." Part of the reason hated shots pose a challenge is that you have a lot less experience with them as opposed to shots you like and therefore opt to play regularly
...keep reading

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