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Balabushka Tribute Edition (1/10/12)

Hola PoolDawgians!

Balabushka is one of those names that everyone seems to know.  It doesn't matter if you're a pool player or not, you just know the name Balabushka.  For non-pool players, it is typically a result of the fact that Tom Cruise played with one in The Color of Money (well, it was actually a Joss cue, but he called it a Balabushka). 

Before I get into all the pitchy goodness, let me make it clear that these are not original Balabushka cues.  The last of those came out in the early 70s and they sell for anywhere from 10k to 50k.  These are replicas, but they officially licensed and sanctioned by the Balabushka family.  The quality is solid, the designs are Balabushka and they play pretty good to boot.  As a reward for putting up with this week's sales pitch, Liz Ford is going to tell you all about her New Year's Pool Resolutions.  And away we go!

Balabushka GB02 Pool Cue

Ah, the GB02.  This is easily my favorite Balabushka cue.  It's not the fanciest cue out there, but it doesn't have to be fancy to be completely super awesome.

What we have here is a birdseye maple forearm, four ebony points and a white and black Irish linen wrap.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Classic, yo.




Balabushka GB22 Pool Cue


Check that last statement.  The GB02 may be nice, but the GB22 is my favorite.  I know I just said the GB02 was my favorite, but that was before I saw this one. 

Like the GB02 it has the black ebony points and the birdseye maple forearm, but then they gave it a bump it with some birdseye veneers and a handful of beautiful notched mother of pearl inlays.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.





Balabushka GB06 Pool Cue

Woah, woah.  Hold up a sec.  I'm calling it.  The GB06 is my favorite Balabushka.  It doesn't have those birdseye veneers, but the points are sick!  Not only are there the standard ebony points, but there are also alternating mini points.

The best thing about this cue though?  The diamond recon ivory inlays, hands down.  They set off the ebony perfectly and really enhance the beauty of this cue.




Balabushka GB09 Pool Cue

No, no. Last time, I swear.  This is my favorite pool cue. When someone asks me what a classic pool cue looks like, this is what I picture in my head.  Ebony points, birdseye maple forearm, a black and white Irish linen wrap, you get the idea.  

What really makes this my favorite though is the inlays.  This cue has four notched mother of pearl inlays at the base of the points and four more in the sleeve.  Niiiice.



Liz Ford - New Year's Pool Resolutions

So, Santa didn't bring you a better pool game for Christmas, even though you sat on his lap at the mall and asked very nicely.  Take charge of your own billiards destiny in 2012 with some positive affirmations designed to guide you toward a rock solid, consistent game.  

New Year's resolutions can be tricky – all hyped up and then discarded after the first time they're broken because we're an all or nothing, grip it and rip it society.  You WILL fail at keeping the following resolutions, probably even within the first hour of playing. The real resolution is to let go of your mistakes and re-commit to your goals again and again...Keep Reading 



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