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Break Like Thor Edition (5/8/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

I don't know about you, but this past weekend I went and got my geek/dork/fanboy mojo on to check out The Avengers (and then I saw the lines and quickly turned around and went home). Why do I mention this? Well, as most of you know, one of the Avengers is the badassery that is Thor and it just so happens that we sell a break cue from Joss called "Thor's Hammer". You see where I'm going with this, right?  Plus, there's the whole Joss connection (the cue is made by Joss cues and Avengers is directed by Joss Whedon).

In addition to Thor's Hammer (which in my opinion, they really should've just gone all the way and called Mjolner), I'll be talking about four of my other favorite break cues.  I can't promise they'll give you a break like the God of Thunder, but they're pretty sweet.  

After you're done checking out the breakers, be sure to watch our latest training video from Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant who's going to talk about sinking some balls corner pocket style.

Elite 15oz Ultra Light Breaker

Since it seems like I'm talking about the Elite Heavy Breaker every other week, so this time I'm going to give some love to the other end of the spectrum - the 15oz breaker from Elite.

Instead of relying on weight for power, this breaker is all about velocity.  The power you get is pretty crazy considering how light the breaker is (although it should be noted that force has to do with both mass and acceleration according to my high school Physics teacher).


Scorpion Grip Breaker

In case you hadn't noticed, sport grips are all the rage.  It seems like in the past few years we've seen a ton of cues with sport grips come out and with good reason.  The new grip style really helps with reducing slip stroke.

What's more important to note than the grip and playability though is the fact that every time I look at this cue it reminds me of a shirt that Rudy Sarzo from Quiet Riot used to wear all the time.  That alone makes this cue worth the price of admission.


Stealth 25oz Break Cue

I'm a big fan of this breaker.  I love the fact that it weighs 25oz because it gives me the weight I need without going over and breaking league rules.  I also love the fact that it has a leather tip, which makes it completely legal for BCA play.  The real icing on the proverbial cake though is the handle.

As with all Stealth cues, this breaker features the Dooley handle which was designed to feel similar to a steering wheel.  Considering how fast you need to accelerate to get this bad boy going, you better have a good grip on your cue and with the Dooley handle, you know you will.


Voodoo Gravestone Breaker

Can you say totally freaking awesome?!?!  I really love the Gravestone breaker and I'm not just saying so because I want to sell stuff.  The cue has a seriously solid break thanks to the phenolic tip and ferrule.

In addition to crushing the rack, this breaker also has a leather wrap and a laser engraved flaming skull painted with real gravestone paint.  I know that the paint won't give you a better break, but still, gravestone paint! How sweet is that??


Charlie Bryant - The Three Diamond System


Hillbilly's back with another video training tip! This month, Charlie will be talking about strategies for one of the shots we see in almost every rack we play - the object ball hanging in the corner pocket.

For those not familiar with The Hillbilly, Charlie has been playing pool since the age of 5 and has taken down a number of titles over the years.  He's best known for his monster break, but Charlie also has a real knack for teaching pool.  

Check out the lesson and be sure to check out Charlie's site at for full length on demand lessons. Watch This Month's Training Video




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