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Dawg Appreciation Month Edition (4/10/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

As you know, I'm always desperate to find a tie in for my weekly emails and this week is no exception. Fortunately, it just so happens that April is Dog Appreciation month and since our mascot is a dog (albeit a ceramic one), I'm pretty sure you know what's coming. In honor of this very important month, I figured it would only be appropriate to tell you about some of the wonderful and stylish products we carry that feature the PoolDawg logo.  

Once again, as your reward for putting up with my weekly gratuitous sales pitch, you get another Jennifer Barretta knowledge bomb.  This week she'll be talking about rotation games (9 ball and 10 ball to be precise).  And away we go!


PoolDawg Coin Holder

You know what sucks?  Carrying around a bunch of quarters in your pocket that jingle and jangle whenever you move.  Back in the day it was socially acceptable to mosey up to the Donkey Kong machine with quarters a rattling, but at the pool table it's just not ok.

That's why we have this handy quarter holder.  It holds 10 bucks in quarters and is also big enough to hold the new dollar coins or the Canadian Loonie (big ups to our neighbors to the north yo!).  


Rock Out With Your Chalk Out

If you're rockin' the pocket chalker, you need this shirt.  Even if you're not, you still need this shirt.  Not only is it somewhat funny and mildly offensive, but it's only $12.95, which is about half the price you'd pay for an obnoxious t-shirt from Palmer Cash or Busted Tees.

How can we afford to sell these so cheap?  Well, we can't really, but we figure if you're willing to walk around with our logo on your chest (the picture and slogan is on the back), we can take a hit on the old profit margin.



The PoolDawg Comfort Strap

I will never understand why the straps that come on pool cue cases are so awful.  More often than not, they're just thin pieces of leather or vinyl that dig into your shoulder and make carrying your case a miserable experience.

With the PoolDawg Comfort Strap, you'll never have to push through the pain again.  It fits on most cases, is adjustable, has a big, fuzzy pad to protect your shoulder and even includes a phone case and extra D-Rings to hang stuff from.


Jennifer Barretta - The Basics of Rotation Games

The first and most popular billiards game that most people learn is 8 ball. 8 ball happens to be a very strategic game that is, oddly enough, only played at the amateur level. If you feel like you're ready to take your game to the next level, you have to learn rotation games, specifically 9 ball and 10 ball. 

9 ball and 10 ball are essentially the same game in that you must run the balls in numerical order from one to nine or ten, and they are both heartbreaking because you can run every ball, miss the last one, and lose. Some say that rotation games are not very strategic because the order of the balls is already dictated to you, but here I have to disagree. There are hundreds of different ways to play the table, but there is usually one best way. I could go for days on end talking about the best way to play patterns, and maybe some day I will, but for now I'm just going to give the basics...keep reading



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