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Dirty Shaft Syndrome Edition (6/12/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

This week, I'm going to talk to you about something very important.  Its an issue that impacts pool players everywhere and has the ability to absolutely ruin your game.  That's right, I'm talking about Dirty Shaft Syndrome or as it is commonly known, DSS.

You know the shafts I'm talking about.  They're stained with blue chalk, hand sweat, wing sauce, grime and all sorts of other mysteries of the pool hall.  Not only do they look gross, but they also cause inconsistencies with your stroke.  Ever run your shaft through your bridge and find it catching or dragging?  That's DSS.  

If you suffer from DSS, there is hope.  Here at PoolDawg, we offer a number of treatments and remedies for this problem (a few of which we've listed below).  Once you recover from DSS, you'll be happier, your teammates will be happier and your game will be better.  Speaking of teammates, this week Liz Ford lists the 10 team mistakes to avoid.  And away we go!


The Q Wiz

When it comes to DSS, it all comes down to regular treatment.  Having a regular maintenance program with Q-Wiz drastically reduces your chances for contracting DSS.  Before you start playing each session, just rub the Q-Wiz up and down your shaft (rough side first to clean, then the smooth side to polish).

Regular use of the Q-Wiz will stave off serious DSS breakouts and keep your shaft clean, smooth and consistent.


PoolDawg Towel with Grommet

In addition to regular treatment, it is vital to use preventative measures when trying to avoid DSS.  One of the best ways to keep your shaft clean?  Use a towel.  And it just so happens that we have a lovely black 16" x 11" towel that does the job nicely.  Plus, the towel features a grommet and ring so you can hang it from your pool cue case.


Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner

If you've let your case of DSS get to Stage 2 or Stage 3, you're going to need something a bit more powerful to cure what ails you.   That's when it's time to call the doctor, the Cue Doctor to be specific.  Cue Doctor shaft cleaner is a 3oz bottle of liquid that cleans and conditions your shaft with one application.  It doesn't contain any alcohol or harsh chemicals, so you don't have to worry about it drying your shaft out when you apply it.

If you're beyond Stage 1 DSS, don't delay and grab the Cue Doctor today.



The CueSleeve Shaft Protector

One of the most important steps in DSS prevention is simply protecting your shaft.  Keeping your shaft in a pool cue case is a great start, but those tubes can get pretty congested with dust, chalk and various other unmentionables that fall to the bottom.  That's why there's the new CueSleeve.  

Not only will it keep your shaft protected from the evils that lurk at the bottom of your pool cue case, but it will also help protect against minor dings, nicks and scratches.  Let me tell you, no one likes playing with a scratched shaft.


Liz Ford - Go Team? - Your Guide To Avoiding Pool Team Meltdown

Just recently, I ran my first APA League Team Championship here in Vermont. First prize was a trip for the whole team to attend the APA National Team Championships is Las Vegas (go Chalk is Cheap!) It got me thinking about the qualities and special chemistry that go into making a winning team. Well... actually... it got me thinking about all the ways a team could dismantle itself in competition.

Whether you're the Dream Team or the Bad News Bears, here are ten team mistakes you'll want to avoid ...keep reading

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