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Don't Be That Guy Edition (2/21/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

If you're one of the 500,000+ league players out there, you know that you've got to come prepared.  Your team is counting on you, so you don't want to show up and have to borrow anything and everything when you're up.  You know the type of guy I'm talking about.  He's the "hey,  so I totally forgot my scuffer... can I use yours".  Or the "hey man, can I snag your break cue for a sec" guy.

Seriously, don't be that guy  Nobody likes that guy.  Here at PoolDawg, we want to do everything possible to help you avoid being that guy.  That's why we're devoting this email to stuff you'll need on league night.  

Since one of our writers happens to also be an APA league operator, we asked her to chime in as well, which she did with her Team Captain's Survival Guide.  Enough talking though.  Let's get to the email already!


Break Cues - Starting Around $68.00

Considering how important the break is, it always surprises me when I hear people talk about break cues like an afterthought.  I don't know about you guys, but I simply hate breaking without my break cue.  It just feels wrong.

Fear not though league players, because we've got a huge selection of break cues ranging from 15oz to 27oz and all points in between.  As always, check with your league for rules on break cues to make sure you don't get one you're not allowed to use.




Tip Tools - Starting Around 8 Bucks

Yeah, I know there are about 8 million different tip tools and most of them do the same thing, but if you're a regular player you simply must have one.  Borrowing a tip tool is like asking to wear someone else's swim trunks - it's just a bit too familiar.  

What you're really looking for in a tip tool is a scuffer and a shaper.  You can go with a multi-use tool or you can always get them separately, but whatever you do, just get one so you can avoid being "that guy".


Shaft Cleaners - Starting Around 3 Bucks

Here's the thing.  I love my Q Wiz and use it all the time to take the gunk off my shaft, but for a deeper clean you need to get strong stuff and as you know, that stuff isn't cheap.  So when you've just paid 10 bucks for a 1/4oz bottle of Q Glide and some guy on your team uses half the bottle on his shaft (when he only needed a couple drops), well, let's just say that hilarity does not ensue.



Pool Cue Chalk - Starting at Three Bucks

Yep, I'm pimping chalk.  Again.  And you know why?  Because the chalk that's sitting on the rail is more often than not completely disgusting.  Don't get me wrong here.  I'm not a Purell carrying germaphobe, but I do have my limits.

Ever wonder why the paper wrap on those pieces of chalk is all grey and sad looking?  Think about how many different people pick that piece of chalk up per night.  Now think about how many racks it takes you to go through a piece of chalk and do the math.  Like I said, totally nasty.  Fortunately, we 've got lots of brand new chalk (even that Kamui stuff, although it gets sold faster than it comes in and always seems to be out of stock).


Liz Ford - The Team Captain's Survival Guide

As an APA League Operator, no one earns my respect more than you hard-working Team Captains.  The job can be thankless at times: herding players to matches as if they were delinquent cats, arriving early and staying late, and playing nurse-maid/psychologist to all the personality on the roster.  An upright and responsible Captain (capitalized because you're important, dammit!) makes everyone's life easier, but all that service can leave you feeling overworked and under-appreciated.

Go buy yourself a campy Captain's hat and read these 10 tips for surviving at the helm... Keep Reading


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