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Dragon Appreciation Day Edition (1/15/13)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

It's almost here.  A day that is loved by geeks, nerds and D&D junkies worldwide.  January 16th is the official Appreciate a Dragon Day.  This is very different than Hug a Dragon Day, which didn't last very long, as people quickly found out that dragons don't like hugs (assuming you can find one, as the trek to the Misty Mountains can be treacherous).  No, this day is for appreciating these deadly, fire breathing, town destroying, gold hoarding beasts.  

Considering the holiday, I thought it would be appropriate to use this email to hawk some of our favorite pool cues that feature dragons.  Most of them are of the traditional variety, but I know someday, someone will make my geek dream come true and create a laser engraved bone dragon cue.  

After you're done checking out these sweet dragon cues, be sure to read our latest article from Jennifer Barretta.  This week, Jen takes her own stab at New Year's pool resolutions.  And away we go!

Adventure ADV119 Pool Cue

As dragons go, this is going to be your most traditional.  He's big, he's red and he's got fire breath.  In fact, the first time I saw this cue, I thought of Smaug.  Well, not really, but I had to throw that in there since everyone's got Hobbit fever lately.  The silhouette against the blood red moon on the butt sleeve adds a nice touch

Players D-DRG Pool Cue

The Players brand of Dragon looks to the far East for inspiration.  The artwork used for this cue is distinctly Chinese Dragon, with Players going with a beautiful gold foil as the coloring (rather than black, red or green).

Mayhem MAY10 Pool Cue

This one is about as D&D as it gets.  I swear the artwork looks like the cover of my old Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master's guide that I had as a kid (sad, but true).  Massive red dragon perched on a cliff, looking seriously hungry for dwarf meat.  Not surprisingly, the artwork on this cue was created by a comic book artist right here in the Rocky Mountains. 

Impacts IMP16 Pool Cue

Like the Players cue, the IMP16 opts for the Chinese style dragon rather than a more western approach.  Instead of gold foil though, the artwork is blood red and includes a matching black and red Irish linen wrap.

Jennifer Barretta - New Year: 3 Tips For A New You

One of the best things about a new year is the feeling of starting over. The start of every year is a chance to turn it all around and make yourself a better person. It's important to evaluate the previous year and decide what you did well and what you would like to improve on not only as a person, but as a pool player.

One of the things that my mentor and I did at the start of every year, was to sit down and work out five to ten goals for the upcoming year. We made a strategic plan about what I needed to work on and what I would like to achieve, and we wrote it all down. Writing your goals down makes them real, and if there is someone you trust, it's even better to share it with them. There are many different ways that you can set goals in pool, so here are a few examples...keep reading

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