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Father's Day Edition (6/5/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Oh yeah!  Just a couple weeks until one of my favorite Hallmark holidays of the year - Father's Day! (like I was going to skip out on the easiest holiday tie in ever for pool and billiards).  Time to put away all those ugly tie catalogs, because I'm gonna hit you with some stellar gift giving ideas.  Well, really they're just things that I'd want to get for Father's Day, but I'm pretty sure my kids will be going the funny/obnoxious t-shirt route instead.

As has become tradition with these weekly gratuitous sales pitches, you will be rewarded with some more excellent tips in the form of Pool School with Jennifer Barretta.  This week was going to be an article from Samm, but she went and had a baby on us, so Jenn was nice enough to take her spot in the rotation (Samm will be back soon though with new articles too).  Jenn went a different route this week, talking about how diet and what you eat can impact your game.  Pretty interesting read and considering the 2% bodyfat source it's coming from, totally worth listening to.  And with that I present you your weekly dose of DawgMail!


Low Deflection Shafts

Is dad down in the basement grumbling about missing shots?  Is he consistently not getting good shape on his shots?  Well now you you can show that you not only care about him but you also care about his pool game with a low deflection shaft.  Whether it's a Predator 314 shaft, an OB shaft, a Lucasi Zero Flex or a Katana shaft, a low deflection shaft is going to help his game.


New Pool Ball Sets

Is there anything more depressing than going to play some pool and having to look at dingy, chipped pool balls?  Well, technically there are plenty of things more depressing than that, but still, playing with dinged up balls is not a fun experience.  With that in mind, why not pick up a new set of balls for dad this Father's Day?  We've got sets for every price range and they're all shiny and new.  Plus, it'll make people chuckle when you tell them that you got your dad a new set of balls for Father's Day (like I wasn't going to go there).


Kamui Chalk (Original Blend)

This is an interesting one.  For some, Kamui chalk falls under the category of "I'd sure like to try some, but I don't want to pay for it".  That's why this makes the perfect Father's Day present.  He'll be totally pumped to get a cube of this stuff.

As always, with this chalk quantities are limited.  We carry the 1.21 blend as well, so if you like your chalk a little less "cakey", check it out.



Training Tools

Generally speaking, guys are really bad about asking for help.  That's why this is the perfect time to give dad a training tool.  I know I harp on about training tools more than I should, but practicing is really, really important.  What's even more important than just practicing is making sure your core fundamentals are correct.

We also know that everyone has different learning styles.  Some learn by doing, others by watching and others by reading.  That's why we have over 100 different training tools in the form of books, DVDs, balls, stroke trainers and aiming tools.


Jennifer Barretta - Food for Thought

If aliens landed on Earth and wandered into the local pool halls they may be led to believe that the diet of pool champions is nachos, hot dogs and beer. It's very difficult to find quality food in pool halls, but I believe it is an essential ingredient in playing the game well. Eating typical poolroom fare will not only bog the system down with prolonged digestion, it will also create excitotoxicity (that's a fancy word for death by stimulation) in your brain cells.

With a little preparation it is possible to avoid the trap and eat a diet that will enhance your game...keep reading


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