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Hail To The King Edition (6/26/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

As you know, there are a lot of performance based pool cues and shafts on the market today.  Since this week is the anniversary of the release of The Lion King (6/24/94 do be exact), I figured I'd talk about the king of performance in the billiards realm - Predator (lions are predators, Predator is the king of performance... you see where I'm going with this, right?).

Because of the success of their 314 shaft, sometimes we overlook the fact that Predator also makes some really spiffy pool cue butts too.  So this week we'll talk about Predator's cues, as well as their 314 shaft and z shaft.  

As for this week's learning goodness, Liz Ford will be talking to you all about pool goofs and slip ups that we've all done once or twice (or in my case, pretty much every time I play).  And away we go!


The Predator 314 Shaft

Here's the deal with the Predator 314 shaft.  The idea behind the shaft is to reduce cueball deflection and Predator achieves this by hollowing out the top 5 inches of the top of the shaft to reduce the overall mass.  What that means is that you won't have to adjust your stroke for most shots the way that you would with traditional shafts.

In addition, 314 shafts tend to produce more spin than traditional shafts which means you'll have an easier time with draw and follow shots.


The Predator Z Shaft

With the Z shaft, you're getting all the same technology that comes with the 314 plus some additional features for greater accuracy.  The biggest differences between the two shafts are the diameter and the taper.  The Z shaft features a 11.75mm diameter which is significantly thinner than the 314's 12.75mm diameter.  The taper design on the Z shaft is a straight taper instead of the traditional pro taper that comes on the 314.  The result? Accuracy improvements of up to 51% according to Predator's test results.  Not too shabby.


Predator's IKON Series

Now I know that most of the performance lives in the top few inches of the shaft, but Predator has made some significant advances in butt design that do make a difference.  All the new IKON cues feature Predator's C4 butt design.  

As to what it's all about, here's a little info.  The core of the butt is made from 4 pieces, giving Predator cues an extremely unique feel.  The phenolic joint construction and the core really reduce vibration and give you that nice "thunk" sound when you hit the cue ball.  That and they look really, really nice.



Limited Edition Predator Cues

Every year Predator teams with some of the world's greatest cuemakers to create limited edition models that are just out of this world.  The runs are typically limited to 125 or fewer total cues per design and are absolute works of art.  

Right now, we have four different limited edition Predator models, all priced at $1695.75.  The two Gordian Knot cues were designed with master cuemaker Paul F. Drexler with each model limited to 88.  The two new Panthera designs (one of which is pictured here) were created with world renowned Jacoby Custom Cues.  Each Panthera cue features 20 inlaid points, cocobolo, tiger striped maple and is limited to 125 units per design.


Liz Ford - Fumble! Pool Slip-Ups That Happen To All Of Us


We'd all like to look like Tom Cruise or Paul Newman when we're playing pool, but sadly sometimes we end up looking like Mr. Bean. Anyone who's played the game for more than a couple of days has had one, if not most, of the following embarrassing experiences.

Embrace and laugh at your blunders – they're your membership card in our crazy little pool community...keep reading

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