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Here's A Tip Edition (6/19/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

A while back, someone who knows a lot more about pool than I do told me that the most important part of any pool cue is the top five inches.  This is assuming of course that you have a straight shaft and that the shaft isn't made of balsa wood.  Since that top five inches includes the cue tip, I figured now would be a great time to shill for pool cue tips!

As for the tips that made it into this week's gratuitous sales pitch, I decided to go with the ones that are the most popular with our customers.  It doesn't really answer the question of "what is the best tip" (a question we get asked on a regular basis), but the reason for that is that if you ask 5 people, you'll likely get 5 different answers.  Which reminds me - you should really check out our Ultimate Pool Cue Tip Guide.  It has hardness ratings for all the tips we carry.  

As for this week's learning and stuff, the erudite Ms. Barretta will be discussing one of the more obnoxious aspects of playing pool - the dreaded pool shark.  And with that I present you your weekly dose of DawgMail!


Moori Tips

Ask just about anyone and they'll tell you that the true OG when it comes to performance pool cue tips is Moori.  Made in Japan, these 9 layer tips are made from only the choicest pigskin and have been the "go to" tip for pro pool players for as long as I can remember.


Kamui Black Tips

If Moori tips are the OG's, than Kamui Blacks are the new kid on the block (however I won't refer to them as NKOTB because that will totally date me and it's kinda mean to refer to anyone or anything as a truly awful boyband).  In the past few years, Kamui tips have gone from a relative newcomer to reaching the same level of popularity as Moori tips.  They play great and allow you to put a ton of spin on the ball.


Tiger Everest Tips

The Tiger Everest seems to have become the new standard for higher end pool cues.  Predator, Poison, 5280 and several other brands use the Tiger Everest as their "out of the box" factory installed tip.  It plays like a soft tip, shapes like a medium tip and has the durability of a hard tip.  



Samsara Break Tips

When it comes to breaking tips, our customers prefer the Samsara tip over all other options.  Even though the BCAPL lifted their ban on phenolic tips last week, these tips still reign supreme.  Because they're made of leather instead of phenolic material, you can get some shape on the tip and scuff it up (which means less miscues).


Jennifer Barretta - The Pool Shark

I always find it funny when people ask me if I'm a pool shark. People that aren't part of the pool community frequently use that term, but those of us in the inner sanctum of pool know that a shark is something far different than a great player, and it's not something you ever want to be called. For those of you who don't know what a shark, or sharking is, in a few words it is someone who uses tactics to get in his opponents head. In even less words, a cheater.

As long as sports have been around, I'm sure sharking has as well. It doesn't work well for fast paced sports like tennis or soccer, but for quiet games like golf and pool, it can be a very effective way of using bad sportsmanship to gain the upper hand...keep reading



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