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Here Ye, Here Ye! Edition (4/23/12)

Huzzah PoolDawgians!

What once cometh Tuesdays hath been delivered Monday!  Why pray tell?  Well, today is a very special day.  A day that shall be celebrated by everyone everywhere.  The day that thou has waited for with baited breath.  Yes, today is "Talk Like Shakespeare Day"!

For the duration of this email, I shall aspire to speaketh in the voice William Shakespeare (or as close to it as I can get to his voice based on what I recall from my Shakespeare class 25 years ago) who was born April 23, 1564.  As for the topic, since we are talking in the classic language, methinks a discussion of classic cues is in order (classic styles anyway).

Fear not though gentle reader, as the wise and comely lass Liz Ford choseth not to write her words of wisdom in the voice of the Bard.  

Joss Pool Cues

Thou has't nary met a champion of classic cues like Dan Janes of Joss.   This master artesian is truly one of the last great American cue makers.  His designs hath inspired denizens of artists and the American Cuemakers Association bestowed the honor of enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

As to the designs?  Joss bedazzles and bewitches with meticulous points and inlays discarding any materials that fail to meet his standards.



Griffin Pool Cues

Well, I thought I'd make it through the whole email, but apparently I've used up all my Shakespearean juice.  That or I'm just being lazy.

Interested in getting a cue with classic looks that won't break the bank?  Check out Griffin cues.  These cues were inspired by some of the greats in pool cue designs.  These cues have designs that feature traditional points, windows and notched diamonds.  Because the designs are overlays rather than inlays, we are able to sell them for under $100.


Sneaky Pete Cues

The legend of the Sneaky Pete is an entertaining tale that deals with a pool player named Pete Crisafi.  There was a house cue at his pool hall that he loved.  He decided to steal it, chop the cue in half, put a connecting pin in and use it as his own cue, traveling from town to town hustling people.  

Today's sneaky pete cues won't be mistaken for house cues, but they are really nice.  Check 'em out!


Pechauer Custom Cues

Seriously, these cues are so very nice.  The designs are beautiful and the materials are choice, but what will really blow you away with these pool cues is the hit.  I've hit lots of different cues but very few of them come close to the nice, stiff feel of a Pechauer.  

In addition to the awesomeness that is their hit and design, you also get a cue that is 100% made in the USA and includes a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects and warping.


Liz Ford - Test Your Pool Judgement

For years, cognitive psychologists have been devising research studies to show us just how cuckoo our thinking and judgment are.  Specifically, we're terrible at making decisions based on probabilities and odds - terrible enough to keep over 750 casinos in the U.S. in business.  We tend to think of ourselves as outliers (the “lucky” ones who'll beat the odds and win) and to overestimate our personal control (like that “system” you use for playing slots...)

These wallet-shrinking thoughts transfer seamlessly to the pool table with the same losing results.  Be mindful of your own magical thinking in the following low-probability situations and avoid unrealistic lapses in pool judgment...keep reading

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