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I'm On The Case Edition (2/15/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

As much as I'd love to pimp some more Valentine's stuff to you this week, I'm going to resist (mostly because I just did it a few weeks ago).  Instead, we're talking pool cue cases.  Unless you have a pool table at home and never go out, you're going to need a pool cue case.  If you play leagues, if you play at a bar or a pool hall, even if you're someday planning to take your cue to your buddy's house, you're going to need a case. 

In fact, we think that picking out the right case is so important that we even had our buddy Samm Diep write an article talking about the process for picking out the right pool cue case for you.  So, without further delay, here's the 101 on buying a new pool cue case:


Hard Pool Cue Cases

Hard cases are far and away the most popular style that we sell.  Which is probably why we carry over 70 different models.  They're durable, they're affordable and they hold just about everything you need to carry around with you.

If you're going with a hard case, I highly recommend you check out our PoolDawg comfort strap.  It's only 20 bucks and it's a huge upgrade from the standard carrying strap that comes with most hard cases.  Plus, it's super fuzzy and has a wicked awesome logo on it.  Not that I'm biased or anything.  Just sayin'.



Soft Pool Cue Cases

Soft cases may not provide as much protection as hard cases, but they're so much lighter to carry around.  

If you get a 3x5 hard case and fill it with cues, you could be looking at lugging as much as 15 lbs around with you.  Soft cases have just as much space for cues and accessories, but don't leave a permanent mark on your shoulder.



Box Style Pool Cue Cases

If you'd prefer to kick it old school, you've gotta check out our box cases.  Maximum protection, plus they look pretty slick.

There's nothing that intimidates more than popping open a classic box case.  Especially if you have a sweet cue inside.  Of course if you're gonna drop a box, you better have the game to back it up.



Leather Pool Cue Cases

Is it just me, or is leather completely super awesome?  There's just something about leather.  It feels nicer, it looks nicer, it even smells nicer.  

We've got tooled leather, weathered leather, classic leather.  Me personally?  I'm all about that Instroke Buffalo case (the one pictured here).  It's just got personality.  Well, as much personality as an inanimate pool cue case can have anyway.


Samm Diep - Your Personal Cue Case Buying Guide

So, you’re in the market for a new cue case. With so many options these days, where do you even begin? Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right case for you.

How many cues are you carrying?

If you’re a beginner, you will most likely just need a 1x1 or 1x2. This is a common way of indicating the size of the case. The first digit refers to the number of butts (the bottom, or handle, of the cue stick) it carries and the second digit refers to the number of shafts (the top, skinnier end) it carries... Keep Reading


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