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Important Announcements Edition (10/9/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

This week instead of just pimping a bunch of products, I've got some important announcements about stuff that's going on in the House of Dawg (some of which don't even have to do with buying stuff).  

We've got all sorts of goodness going on.  We'll be talking about our new catalog, a way for you to earn some Dawg Dough, a way to make a difference with our friends at the Billiards Education Foundation (BEF) and something new and cool from our pals over at Lucasi.

After you're done reading the announcements, be sure to check out the latest article from the one and only Jennifer Barretta.  This week Jen will be talking about the ten most important things to have in your pool cue case.  And away we go!

The New 2013 PoolDawg Catalog

That's right folks, the new 2013 catalog is here and ready to mail out.  60 glorious pages of new pool cues, cases and billiards accessories.  As is tradition, the catalog is a "what's new" and "greatest hits" book (as there are only so many products we can jam into a 60 page book), so if you want to see everything we carry, just browse through the website.

If you've bought something from us recently or have requested a catalog in the last few months, you should be getting your new catalog in the next week or so.  If you haven't, just fill out the handy catalog request form and we'll drop one in the mail to you.


Write Product Reviews and Win Some Dawg Dough

Every week for the rest of the year, we're giving away a $50 gift certificate for the week's best product review.  That doesn't mean we're looking for the most positive review, it means we want reviews that will really help our customers make purchasing decisions.  

We'll be announcing the winners every Friday on the blog and on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow both to get the latest news.



PoolDawg's Helping the BEF Raise Money in October

As you probably know, most of the pool cues we carry include the option to receive a little freebie in the form of a soft case, a box of chalk, a glove, a talc bag or a shaft cleaner.  What you might not know though is that if you're not interested in getting the free gift, you can have PoolDawg donate it to the BEF.

For the entire month of October, we're letting customers choose to donate their free gift value to the BEF.  If you don't want the gift, we'll kick the cash value to our pals over at the BEF.  You can read all about it on the BEF's website.  The BEF is a 501(c) (3) non-profit that was founded in 1993 for the purpose of promoting education and encouraging the development of life skills through billiards.  They're a great charity, so please consider letting us donate those free gifts to the BEF on your behalf.



New Lucasi Custom "Z" Models

Our pals over at Lucasi have kicked it up a notch with their classic line of Lucasi Custom cues.  New for 2013 (but available now), Lucasi has added a low deflection shaft to all of their classic models.  

Based on the popular Lucasi Hybrid shaft engineering, the new Zero Flex Solid shafts feature a 12.75mm Tiger Everest tip, the Zero Flexpoint ferrule and a solid core shaft.  As always, all of the new Lucasi cues also include a lifetime manufacturer's warranty against warping and production defects.



Jennifer Barretta - 10 Things You Must Have In Your Case

If you want to be able to call yourself a pool player, it's not enough to just sling a 1x1 case holding a fiberglass cue over your shoulder. Many players start with this equipment, and that is ok for recreational players who don't want to improve their skill level, but once you decide you want to be a real player there are certain essential items you must carry at all times.

1. One piece of quality chalk. Whether you like Master, Kamui, Triangle or Blue Diamond you should always have at least one spare cube in your case. If you go from bar to bar, you don't know what kind of chalk they will have so its best to arrive prepared...keep reading

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