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Is That A Chalker In Your Pocket? (8/28/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

We're all finally back in the office after two weeks in Vegas for APA nationals, so it's time once again for your weekly dose of DawgMail.  

While I was out in Vegas, I noticed that a lot of people were using (and buying) pocket chalkers.  It got me thinking about the importance of these handy little tools, especially with the advent of all these different types of magically expensive chalk.  It's not the most exciting topic, but fear not, because after we get through this one, we'll start rolling out all the new cue and case designs.

As for this week's learning goodness, we're back in the court of Ms. Jennifer Barretta.  A few weeks ago, Jenn talked to you about avoiding silly mistakes in 9 ball.  5 of them to be specific, which represented half of her list.  Well this week she's back to finish the job.  Be sure check out Part 2 of this excellent article.  And away we go!


Chalk Shark Magnetic Chalker

Magnetic chalkers are a great idea, but one of the biggest issues with them is the magnet.  All too often, the magnets are weak which means your chalk falls off every time someone comes close to brushing up against you.  The Chalk Shark does not suffer from this problem. 

Instead of using a cheap magnet, the Chalk Shark uses Neodymium magnets, which happen to be some of the most powerful available.  If you've ever played with Bucky Balls, you know exactly how strong these magnets are.  The downside is that the price is quite a bit higher than other chalkers, but with a magnet this strong, it's totally worth it.


Deadstroke Bone Pocket Chalker 

I'm including this chalker simply because it's hella cool.  Instead of going with the standard stick to put in your pocket, the Deadstroke guys created a molded bone.  Whether you're a fan of Deadstroke or just a fan of bones, you're gonna love this chalker.



Euro Wrap Leather Chalk Holder 

Sometimes the pocket chalker you need is the one that doesn't hang out of your pocket.  With all these fancy new chalks that are coming out like that Kamui chalk, you probably don't want your chalk hanging out of your pocket.  That's why we carry the Euro Chalker.

This handy little chalk holder wraps your special chalk in leather and keeps it enclosed with a snap.  It fits inside most pockets (maybe not those skinny jeans though, as they're usually pretty tight) keeping your magical cube of chalk away from those chalk pickpockets.  



Silver Bullet Pocket Chalker 

When I first heard the name of this, I figured it would be the perfect tool when you're playing pool or when you're going against warewolves.  Apparently the bullets are not made of real silver though, so they don't help with warewolf hunting.  They are made from genuine 30/06 rifle shells though (sans the gun powder of course), so even though they won't take down a warewolf, they do look pretty sweet.  


Jennifer Barretta - Avoiding Silly Mistakes in 9 Ball (Part 1 of 2)

My last article covered 5 of the 10 silliest mistakes players make in nine ball. Here are the other 5.

1. Do not add speed to the cue ball to play tight shape onto a pocket hanger.

Examples: a) You are shooting the eight and the nine ball is hanging over a pocket. Good position, in this case, would be anywhere on the table. It would be especially foolish to add speed to the cue ball when you shoot the eight just to try to get near the nine...keep reading

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