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Just For Moms Edition (5/1/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Ah, Mother's Day. Not exactly the perfect holiday to theme an email around, but I look at it this way - If about 25% of pool players are women, some of them have to be moms. Plus, for the other 75%, this represents the perfect time to get your mom or the mom of your kids into playing pool.

Not surprisingly, this week I'll be pimping pool cues that were made with women in mind.  Because I've been giving way too much love to Athena cues the past couple months, this email is Athena free.  It should also not come as a surprise that my limited imagination pulled all pink cues for this email.  As for this week's learning and stuff, Jennifer Barretta has a new article entitled "10 Things That Will Make You A Better Pool Player and A Better Person".  That Jenn is such a softie.  And away we go!


Scorpion Pink Grip Bundle

Why just get a pool cue when you can get everything you need in one easy click?  We took one of our most popular Scorpion cues, added a matching case, glove, patch and coin holder to give you the complete Scorpion package.  Plus, it's pink!


Lucasi LL20 Pool Cue

Ok, before I get into the pitch, let me say that there are very limited quantities of this cue due to the fact that Lucasi retired the model.  The cue itself is really nice.  Antique stained birdseye in the forearm with these beautiful pink marble style inlays  Because it's a Lucasi cue, it also comes with the standard manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Did I mention that we're pricing it at 30% off instead of the standard 20% off?  Just a couple left in stock, so if you like the look, snap one up.


Scorpion Pink Break Cue

Continuing in the pink theme, we have the super sweet Scorpion hot pink break cue.  This particular cue not only features pink throughout the forearm and butt, but the folks at Scorpion were nice enough to include a pink shaft as well, making this one of the only 100% pink pool cues on the market (or at least the only one we sell).

As for the make-up of the cue, we're talking a hard leather tip (which makes it BCA legal) and a steel ferrule which gives a nice, stiff hit.  The butt also features Scorpion's Power Rings, which may or may not give you a stronger break but will absolutely look cool in the process.



McDermott G215 Pool Cue

If you're looking for something pink that offers a bit more performance, the G215 is the way to go.  The cue features a birdseye maple forearm painted with pink Spies Heckler paint, recon ebony in the sleeve and an Irish linen wrap.  What I really dig though are the pink Italian pearl inlays, which look oh so nice.

In addition to all that, you get the McDermott G-Core performance shaft, which I must say, hits really nice.  And don't forget about the lifetime warranty that comes with every McDermott cue!


Jennifer Barretta - 10 Things That Will Make You A Better Pool Player

Ever since I started playing pool I've been a player who has put in a lot of hours around the table. Those hours have not only given me a lot of time for physical practice, they have given me a lot of time to reflect. Sometimes when I'm sitting in the chair watching my opponent run out, I get to thinking about how much pool is a metaphor for life. The lessons that I've learned from pool over the years will not only make you a more balanced player, but a more balanced person...keep reading


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