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Let's Talk About Balls Edition (3/6/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Here at PoolDawg we talk about ways to improve your game quite a bit. We talk about technology, low deflection shafts, magical chalk and of course our resident experts treat you with articles every week on how to get better at pool.

The one thing we don't talk too much about though that really deserves more attention? Balls.  A good set of balls can absolutely make the difference between winning and losing, so we're going to shine a giant spotlight on balls this week.   In addition to featuring some of the best balls on the planet, Samm will be talking all about making balls in her new article.  

And for the record, there will be no double entendre ball jokes in this article.  Especially when it comes to keeping your balls clean and presenting clean balls to your guests when they come over to play.  That would just be unprofessional and completely juvenile.  And with that disclaimer in place, let's get the pitchy goodness rolling!

Aramith Balls

As far as pool balls go, there's Aramith and there's everything else.  It's not that other balls aren't good, it's just that Aramith balls are supremely awesome.

Aramith balls are made with pure phenolic resin which makes them last up to 5 times longer than other brands.  Plus, they're amazingly consistent and they look nice to boot.  I should also mention that our current Aramith prices are only good until the end of the month, as costs are unfortunately going up on April 1st.


Action Standard Ball Set

Aramith balls are amazing, but not everyone wants to drop 100 bucks (or more) on pool balls.  If you're looking for quality but don't want to break the bank, we highly recommend Action balls.

The balls are durable, they roll true and best of all, they won't cost you a grip.


Action Swirl Marbled Ball Set

No, they're not traditional, so from that perspective they're not for everyone, but they are pretty spiffy looking, dont'cha think?

If you're hardcore, you probably won't like these balls (something about not being able to focus on the color edges when you're making cut shots), but if you're more of a casual player like me, you'll think this set is totally the bees knees.  


Ball Cleaners

It may seem like a no-brainer, but cleaning your balls is really, really important.  When you have dirty balls, the rolls won't be as true which can impact you from a consistency standpoint.  Plus, when you have guests over, you don't want to present them with dirty balls.  That's just unpleasant for all involved.

Luckily, we've got everything you need to keep your balls sparkly and clean.  Towels, liquids, waxes, even a professional ball cleaning machine.  Your game will appreciate it and so will your guests and teammates.


Samm Diep - It Takes Balls to Make Balls

In the beginning, as you’re developing your skills, the focus is solely on pocketing the balls. You’re unaware of any consequences. There were no concerns of getting snookered, choosing the wrong pattern, or losing the match or tournament. You were fearless. All you knew how to make balls and that’s exactly what you did.

In the next chapter of your development, you’re introduced to the faces of the cue ball. As you discover the possibilities, you find yourself winning more and more games. With this new confidence, you take the show on the road and decide to join a league. This new taste of competition can be sweet but the experience introduces a new fear of missing. Without knowing it, you’ve lost your innocence. The days of free-stroking carelessness are now behind you.

Once you’ve attached value to the shot, it immediately holds new meaning. That difficult cut shot in the corner that used to be so fun to shoot now means the difference between winning and losing. All of a sudden, a little anxiety creeps up on you. Without realizing it, your new fear of losing begins causing you to avoid competition altogether. “I can’t beat these guys,” you start thinking, “Jimmy has my number. I can’t beat him.” ...keep reading

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