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Magic Chalk Edition (1/17/12)

Hola PoolDawgians!

Yes, you read right. We're doing a whole email devoted to chalk.  I know it sounds silly, but chalk makes a huge difference in your game and the difference between high quality chalk and some off brand could tell the final tale when it comes to winning or losing. 

As you know, there's a lot of chalk out there.  We only carry the good stuff, so whether you spend 3 bucks for a box of PoolDawg Master Chalk or close to 30 bucks on the new Kamui stuff, you're gonna be in good shape.  Even so, not all chalk is made the same, which is why we're doing this email.  We even got Ms. Barretta to opine about chalk and her new obsession with Kamui's stuff.  So without further delay, here's what we've got to say about all things chalk:


Kamui Chalk

Yes, that is the price per cube.  I don't know why it is so expensive, but the Kamui folks tell us we have to sell it at this price, so there you have it.  As for the chalk itself, I can tell you that I've never seen or played with a chalk like this before.  The consistency is completely different from other chalks and the result is you'll only need to chalk once per game instead of after every couple shots.

I also want to mention that this stuff is almost always out of stock due to high demand.  If it is out of stock and you want some, your best bet is to backorder it (we seem to be getting shipments of it every few weeks) because every time it comes back in, we seem to run out really fast.


Blue Diamond Chalk


Before anyone had ever heard of Kamui or Kamui chalk, Blue Diamond was all the rage (and still is extremely popular amongst pro players). 

Like the Kamui chalk, there isn't a whole lot that's known about this stuff.  We import it from Italy, as the folks at Longoni are the ones responsible for this chalk.  At 7 bucks for two pieces it is still more expensive than Master Chalk, but it is so very fine.



Silver Bullet Chalker with Scuffer

If you're gonna spend a grip on your chalk, the last thing you want to do is put it down on a table.  Trust me, if you chalk up and put a piece of Kamui chalk on the rail, it'll be gone the second you turn your back.  You want to keep that thing by your side at all times and the best way to do that is with a chalker.

While you probably can't have a Brinks guard watching over your cue, you can have some bullets.  Not only are these chalkers made from real 30/06 rifle bullets (sans gunpowder, natch), but they also have a built in scuffer.




Tip Pik Shadow Chalker

Here's another option for a chalker/tip tool option.  Instead of having a scuffer like the silver bullet, this one has a totally sweet Tip Pik.  

Now you might be wondering why this Tip Pik looks a little different than the original.  Well, let me tell you.  This is the Tip Pik Shadow, which means the pins are recessed.  I find this to be especially useful since it makes it much harder to accidently turn the job of tenderizing your tip into a gory mess.



Jennifer Barretta - My Own, My Love, My Precioussss...

In recent years a slew of new chalks have hit the pool market giving the the old standby, Master chalk, a run for the money. I've had the opportunity to try most brands, and while I used to chase the cube of Master around the rails with 99% of the pool population, I am now an official pool dork, and I proudly carry my own cube.

How did this happen to such an American pool purist? It was because of a gift that all the players in the 2011 Women's World 10 Ball received. One perfect little cube of Kamui chalk in a shiny foil package. Initially, I was skeptical and stuffed it into my case, where I figured I would either end up giving it away, or losing it in my black hole of assorted pool products, but then after miscuing for the gazillionth time, I decided to give it a try...Keep Reading


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