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Mezz-merizing New Models Edition (10/2/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

We were talking about pool cues the other day here in the PoolDawg offices (who am I kidding, we talk about pool cues every day), and realized that there's a brand that we just haven't been giving the proper amount of love to as of late - Mezz.

As performance based pool cues go, Mezz is really one of the best brands out there.  Their WD700 shaft features an ultralight front end that drastically reduces cue ball deflection (if you want to learn more about the WD700 shaft, you should check out our blog post where we hacked the top off one to see what was inside).    Plus, the designs are totally sick and they use some of the nicest woods available in their cues.

After you're done checking out some of our new products, be sure to check out the latest article from Samm Vidal-Diep.  This week, Samm is on #3 of her ongoing series discussing the keys to winning 8 ball.  And away we go!  


Mezz ZZ31 Pool Cue

The new ZZ31 goes in a completely different direction than past Mezz designs.  Instead of going with the modern look, Mezz sticks with simple birdseye maple in the forearm, an ebony butt and some beautiful Juma and River shell diamond inlays.

As with all Mezz cues, the ZZ31 includes the supremely awesome WD700 low deflection shaft, a 12.5mm Moori tip and the unique Mezz X Ferrule.


Mezz ZZ32 Pool Cue

The ZZ32 sticks with the traditional designs that are featured in the 2013 line, but don't let tradition make you think that the design is ordinary.  Mezz has a way of finding some really beautiful cuts of wood and the ZZ32 is no exception.

This pool cue features a birdseye maple forearm, but the real story is the inlays.  The birdseye is in place to show off the dazzling tulipwood points, ebony veneers and micarta inlays.  Mezz finishes the cue off with more ebony and tulipwood in the sleeve. 



Mezz ZZ38 Pool Cue

If you're looking for a Mezz with modern appeal, you've got to check out the ZZ38.  This cue falls back to Mezz's traditional design, going with the art of contrasting colors.

Rosewood is heavily featured throughout the forearm and butt, which serves as the perfect background for the stark white micarta points, turquoise inlays and River shell diamonds.  Fans of turquoise will appreciate the beauty of this cue and players will be blown away by the performance.


Mezz Power Break II Break Cue

Ok, this doesn't really count as a new Mezz model since it's been around for years, but I wanted to include it anyway, as it happens to be one of the best breakers on the market.

With the Power Break II, you're getting much more than just a standard breaker.  The cue is actually a bit shorter than most cues, making it easier to speed up your stroke without giving up any weight.  The tip is Mezz's unique Bakelite tip that's super hard but doesn't drive down performance like some phenolic tips do.  In addition, you get the Deep Impact shaft, a performance shaft made exclusively by Mezz just for breaking.  We guarantee you'll love it.



Samm Diep's Cue Tips: Winning 8 Ball Tip #3: Stripes and Solids

In this edition of Winning 8-Ball Tips, we will uncover the DOs and DON'Ts when choosing the game-winning suit. Often times when we don’t complete an 8-ball run out due to bad position or getting hooked, it could have easily been avoided. Many times when we don’t get out of a rack we always remember the final few shots and not the big picture. Often times the difference between winning and losing the game could be as simple as starting with a different shot, or even a different suit. When the table is wide open and every ball has a pocket, it may not matter if you take stripes or solids. But often times there’s an ideal suit and the player that ends up with it will most likely win the game.

When deciding on solids or stripes, consider these DOs and DON’Ts:...keep reading
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