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Mile High Edition (5/22/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

I've gotta tell you, everyone here at PoolDawg is pretty lucky to be living in Colorado.  Not only do we get over 300 days of sunshine every year, but we also have some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.  In fact, we have over 50 "fourteeners" which is what the sporty folk call mountains that are 14,000 feet tall.  Our favorite of course is Long's Peak, since we can see it from our offices.

And why am I talking about mountains and fourteeners you ask?  Well, because the theme for this week's gratuitous sales pitch is 5280 cues.  These cues are named after the mile high city and even feature mountain themed names like Peak, Apex and Elevation.  I included four of my favorites, but we carry the entire line, so if one of those doesn't float your boat, be sure to check out the rest of the 5280 models.    

As for this week's learning and stuff, we've got something new from Jennifer Barretta. This week she's kickin' it old school (and I mean really, really old school) with a David vs. Goliath theme.  And away we go!


5280 Mile High Sneaky Pete

Not your traditional sneaky pete, but seriously sweet nonetheless.  Named after the beautiful Mile High city where we live (well, down the road from us anyway, as we're closer to Boulder than Denver), the cue features the Tiger Everest Redline tip, basic birdseye maple and an absolutely amazing hit.


5280 Elevation ELE06 Cue

I always say I shouldn't play favorites, but I do anyway.  In the entire 5280 series, this is by far my favorite.  I'm kind of a traditional type of guy, so this cue strikes a chord with me, using some very traditional basic point designs.  Instead of using inlaid wood though, the MH06 goes with these very slick pearlized floating point inlays.


5280 Apex APX02 Cue

Now the Apex line doesn't play to my traditionalist leanings the way some of the Elevation cues do, but I must say I do like this cue eversomuch.  The grey stain on the birdseye maple looks stellar and I love the spider style design complete with the pearlized diamond inlays.



5280 Peak PK02 Cue

I'm not supposed to put two cues in the same email that have a similar look, but what can I say... I really like how the birdseye is stained.  The stain is a little different than the APX02 with a bit more of a greenish tint instead of grey.  The other standout is the iron cross style pearlized inlays.  From what the cool kids tell me, this is very "in", so who am I to argue.


Jennifer Barretta - Getting My Bible On

The classic story of David and Goliath goes a little something like this: A cock diesel Philistine named Goliath, takes on anyone willing to fight him in a one on one throw down. The Israelite king named Saul decides to put money on a little dude with a big attitude named David. The little dude steps to Goliath and says, "You want some of this?." Saul says, "Yo, little dude, wear this body armor so you don't get laid out" but David refuses and instead gathers up some stones and a slingshot. The two men square up, and with one well placed stone between the eyes, the giant falls, and David cuts off his head as a little souvenir.

The thing I find interesting about the story is David's seeming lack of fear in the face of a giant Philistine who clearly took pleasure in bashing people's skulls. How did he keep his composure facing off against such a strong and seasoned opponent? I would love to know David's secret, but I can only relate my own David and Goliath stories. ...keep reading


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