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New Billiards Products at PoolDawg

Posted by : PoolDawg Staff

Looking for the latest in pool cues and billiard accessories? Well look no further! Here at PoolDawg we're constantly adding new products to our offering of over 3,000 pool cues, pool cue cases, billiard supplies and game room accessories.  Check out our newest arrivals and be sure to check out our entire selection of pool cues:

Kamui 1.21 Professional Grade Pool Cue Chalk

Released 3/30/2012, this is the newest version of Kaumi Chalk.  Labeled v1.21, this chalk's composition is slightly harder than the original Kamui .98 chalk, which means less chalk transferring to the cue ball. 

Whether you're getting the original .98 or the new 1.21, there's no denying that this chalk is the bee's knees. And yes, the price is for one single piece of chalk. We sell it at the lowest price we're allowed to, so please don't give us too much grief about the price.


Elite 27oz Heavy Break Cue

Rather than weighing just 20oz or 21oz, the Heavy weighs in at approximately 27oz, making it one of the heaviest breakers on the market. The weight is only part of the story. The cue also features a phenolic tip and ferrule giving it more power than a standard leather tip. The wood pin is actually built into the shaft, giving the Heavy not only superior power but also unprecedented feel for a break cue. It should be noted that this cue is not for everyone. Some leagues have banned this break cue, as it exceed their maximum weight restrictions. Also, keep in mind that if your ball comes off the table, it is a foul so you will need to have control to go along with the power of your break.


Eight Ball Mafia 2x2 Hard Case

When you roll with the Eight Ball Mafia, you need a pool cue case that can take a bit of the rough and tumble. That's exactly what you'll get with the Skull and Flames edition version of this 2 butt 2 shaft case. I'm not saying you should drag it on a gravel road, but this case can take a serious beating. Did I mention it has skulls AND flames???


Schon CX82 Pool Cue (No Longer Available)

Is there anything to not love about this pool cue? When I think of a classic, custom pool cue, this is exactly what I picture. Antique stained birdseye maple, real Ebony inlays, nickel silver rings and a perfect black and white Irish linen wrap. I should also mention that the cue plays like absolute heaven. Solid but not too stiff and a hit that just makes you want to play more pool.

Please note that we cannot ship Schon cues outside of the United States.

Action ACTBJ08 26oz Break Jump Cue

Ok, this break jump is a total trip. First, it's 26oz, so the thing is an absolute monster. Then Action decided to play a little Reversi, because both the points and the taper are inverted. The coolest thing about this cue though is the jumper ring which stops your hand from slipping when you're jumping balls. You've seriously gotta try this one.


Cuetec 3-in-1 Bowtie Tip Tool

As pool cue tools go, the new Bowtie 3 in 1 tip tool is simply the must have product of the season. This unique tip tool includes a shaper, a scuffer and a tip pick and easily fits into your pocket. Simply put, the Bowtie is the perfect tool for any pool player regardless of skill level.


Blue Diamond Pool Cue Chalk

Yep, this is the chalk you've been hearing so much about - the original high performance chalk - Genuine Blue Diamond chalk. 

Sure, it does happen to be a little more expensive than regular chalk but I think your game is worth the extra few bucks, don't you? Blue Diamond seems to hold better than other chalks, which decreases your miscues, which improves your game. So with that logic in place, Blue Diamond chalk makes you a better pool player. Right? Right.  In all seriousness, grab a box and give this stuff a try. It is absolutely worth the money.

The Magic Rack (8, 9 and 10 ball)

This new Magic Rack combo pack allows you to quickly and easily rack 8 ball, 9 ball or 10 ball. Racks in seconds and gives you a nice tight rack every time. 

Features Include:
• Magic Ball Rack Pro is the elite racking system; it gives a consistent tight rack even on old cloth.
• Magic Ball Rack Pro gives a perfect rack every time, you can rack in 10 seconds or less
• Saves table wear on the cloth from using other triangles
• No need to Tap the table and damage the table

Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner

Maintaining a clean and uniform playing surface is paramount to most sports and pool is certainly no exception! Simonis, the people who invented billiard cloth, have now invented a superior way to clean it. Unlike a brush which just moves chalk, talc and dirt around, the X-1 captures debris in its hi-tech material and is lighter and easier to use than a heavy vacuum.