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Nice Rack Edition (3/27/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Yeah, I know. Totally lame and predictable title for this week's DawgMail, but in my defense, within every guy is the mind of a 12 year old boy. We can't help it. It's in our nature.  Now that we've gotten past the shame of the email title, I want to let you know that we do in fact have some supremely awesome pool ball racks.  The days of the wooden triangle are over my friends and I'm here to tell you why.  

Before we get into rackology though, I wanted to mention that this week's knowledge bomb is coming from the lovely and talented Jennifer Barretta who will be talking about something we all go through at one point in our pool playing lives - the dreaded slump.


The Delta 13 Rack

The guys at Delta-13 really re-energized the rack business.  Over the past few years, this rack has become the go to for pretty much every major tournament and is the official rack of the WPBA.

What's so great about it?  The accuracy.  The rack is precision milled to give the most consistent tight rack I've seen.  We also sell the Elite edition if you want the snazzy version.



The Magic Rack

This thing is seriously cool.  It can't perform that sweet Crisis Angel levitation trick, but it does do an amazing job racking balls.

The way it works is completely different than any other rack.  It's a thin template that you roll the balls into, keeping your rack consistent every time.  Put down the template, rack, break and remove the template (it doesn't mess with the roll of the balls).  We've got a video on the site that shows you exactly how it works.


The Alpha TriPro Rack

The TriPro is the proverbial new kid on the block.  It doesn't have the media budget that some of the other racks have, which sorta makes it the "Rocky" of the rack business.

The rack is precision milled within .003 inches which is essentially within one human hair of a perfect triangle.  What I really dig about the rack though is the feet.  They're made with the same resin that is used on pool balls which means you get a smooth glide on the table when you rack.



The Sardo Rack

We can't do a rack email without mentioning the Sardo.  Back in the day, when everyone was using the standard wood or plastic racks, the Sardo guys came up with the original Tight Rack concept and it's still one of the best racking options around.

The way it works is pretty simple.  Just roll the balls in the rack, press the top down to tighten and you're good to go.


Jennifer Barretta - How To Deal With A Slump

If you're a competitive pool player of any level sooner or later you will find your pool playing brilliance has been replaced with someone who seems like they've never played the game before. Routine shots suddenly become difficult, and the difficult become impossible. Add to that, every time your opponent misses they either make the ball in a different pocket or leave you nutted up in a safety. What is going on? You are officially in a slump.

There are many theories as to what a slump is; playing too much, playing too little, high expectations, low expectations, the list is endless. In the end it doesn't really matter what started it, it only matters that you try your best to end it ...keep reading


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