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Our Favorite Things Edition (10/30/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

One of the questions we get here quite a bit at the House of Dawg is what our favorite products are.  As much as we try to avoid playing favorites, we all have certain cue brands, cases and training tools that we supremely dig.  

So this week, I'm going to give you a bit of the "staff recommendations".  Mike, Keven, Alexis and Mariya were all tasked with choosing a favorite for this week's email, so you can get a better idea as to what floats our proverbial boats.

After you're done reading the announcements, be sure to check out the latest article from the always lovely and effervescent Jennifer Barretta.  This week Jen will be talking about the importance of taking a break and stepping away from the game every now and again.  And away we go!


Mike's Pick - The Elite Heavy 27oz Breaker

There's just something about walking up to the table with a breaker that's heavier than any pool cue you've ever shot with.  It almost has a swagger to it.  

Of course me being me, the real reason I love this breaker so much is that it is not only our best selling break cue, but it's our best selling 2 piece pool cue period.  When I say we've literally sold thousands of these cues, I'm not exaggerating.  And based on the reviews it's received over the years, I'm not the only one who loves the Heavy Breaker.

As Teddy Roosevelt once said, "speak softly and carry a big stick".


Keven's Pick - The Instroke Buffalo 2x4 Pool Cue Case

We sell a ton of pool cue cases here at PoolDawg, but when I asked Keven which one was his favorite, he didn't even hesitate.  The Instroke Buffalo is just all sorts awesome and the 2x4 is the perfect size for most pool players.  

What's really sweet about the Buffalo case is the leather.  This is one of the only cases that actually looks better when it gets worn and weathered.  The older the case gets, the more it's personality shines through.



Alexis's Pick - The Katana Low Deflection Shaft

Alexis is probably the most serious pool player we have here at PoolDawg.  She plays both APA and BCAPL pool leagues and spends more time playing pool than anyone else in the office.  As a result, it was no surprise when she said her favorite product was a low deflection shaft.  What was a surprise though was the shaft she chose.

Alexis has hit with pretty much every performance shaft we carry and her favorite is the Katana.  The hit is similar to other performance shafts, but the difference maker is the extra long taper.  She also mentioned that she much prefers the Kamui brown tip on this shaft to the standard Tiger Everest.


Mariya's Pick - The Athena ATH29 Pool Cue

We can always count on our resident fashionista to pick her favorite based on looks, so it comes as no surprise that Mariya's favorite cue is the Athena ATH29.  

Me personally, I don't get the whole pink and zebra thing at all, but according to her (as well as pretty much every y chromosome person I've spoken to), this sort of thing is very in.  Between the pink and the zebra print, this cue has it covered.


Jennifer Barretta - Taking Time Off

If you're serious about improving your pool game, you will need to put in endless hours of practice. Sometimes those endless hours can make you lose the desire to play, so knowing when and how to take a break is just as important as practicing. Taking time off from the game is something that is rarely discussed by players, so I'm going to go over four different types of breaks, and when it is best to use them.  

1. Take a vacation from the game. This involves not playing pool, not thinking about pool, and not hanging out in the pool room watching pool.  After about a week you will see the game through fresh eyes, and your desire to play will return. A couple of these a year are absolutely necessary not only for clarity, but for your sanity, These types of pool vacations are best when you're in the off season, and you don't have a desire to play...keep reading

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