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Pick Your Poison Edition (3/13/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Now I know that the Poison line has been out for a while, but we just started carrying it so it's new to us, which of course means we have to give it some love and pimpage.  

If you're not familiar with the line, here's what you need to know.  They come with the Venom low deflection shaft and they're made by the same guys that make Predator cues, so you know you're getting high quality and next gen tech.  After you're done checking out all the sweet new Poison stuff, don't forget to read Liz's new article all about prepping and playing in tournaments.

Poison Nitro Cues

There's a lot more to Nitro than meets the eye, and that's why they're my favorite line of Poison cues.  Whether or not these cues were named after one of the original American Gladiators is unclear, but what is clear is the supreme awesomeness of the grip.

Instead of a standard wrap or handle, Nitro cues feature an octagonal grip that nicely fits the contours of your hand, reducing the potential for slip stroke.


Poison Arsenic Cues

When it comes to pool cue designs, I always love seeing things that are new and different.  Unique looks, different wraps, that sort of thing.  So when I gandered the 2nd generation Arsenic line, I was pretty jazzed.  As a result, it should come as no surprise that they're my favorite line of Poison cues.

Some of the models feature a no wrap wood handle while others have a totally unique textured leather wrap.  All of them include the sweet Venom low deflection shaft too.


Poison Bolt Cues

Next gen style designs are cool, but sometimes it's nice to go old school traditional.  After all, I'm an old school kind of guy (or just an old guy depending on who you ask).  Poison went more traditional with the Bolt line and that's why the Bolts are my favorite Poison cues.

The Bolt cues feature birdseye maple and rengas wood and man do they look nice.  It  goes without saying that they play really well and that Venom shaft is seriously awesome.


Poison VX Cues

Traditional is nice, but sometimes I want some seriously next gen designs and that's why the VX series is my favorite line of Poison cues.

Pretty much all the VX cues we carry are utility cues (jump cues, break jump, that sort of thing) so instead of going with a Tiger tip, there's a super hard phenolic tip on the shafts which by the way, all feature the unique Venom double density design.  The breakers are strong, the jumpers get some serious air and the break jumps are the best of both worlds.


Liz Ford - Your Guide to Playing in Tournaments

A great many players who play in friendly practice, leagues or at the local bar on Friday night, can be humbled in a hurry when it comes time to play in their first big tournament. Playing successfully in tournaments requires physical skills, which are gained from practice on the table, but there's another skill-set, one of self-management, that can highly enhance both how you play and how much you enjoy yourself.  

The following tips represent a well-rounded approach for improving your tournament experience. ...keep reading

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