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Stinging Scorpions Edition (11/6/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

October is gone, Halloween is over, so you know what that means, right?  The countdown to Christmas has officially begun (for those keeping track, there are now 48 days).  Why is this important you ask?  Well, because we here at PoolDawg want to make sure you get everything you need in plenty of time for the holidays.  

Fear not though, as these emails won't just be non-stop sales pitches.  We'll continue to give you all sorts of learning goodness from our resident experts.  Except for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails.  Those are all about the deals.

This week we're talking about one of the most popular lines we carry - Scorpion Cues.  After you're done checking out these sweet new products, check out Liz Ford's new article on making Houdini like comebacks.  And away we go!


Scorpion Grip Series Cues

Sport grip cues are all the rage and Scorpion has done a serious bang up job with their new Grip Series.  The grip seriously reduces slip stroke, it's easy to clean and it feels great when you're shooting.  Plus, it comes in 15 different colors, so there's sure to be a grip cue for everyone.


Scorpions Series

If you love giant scorpions, this series is the one for you.  Available in black, white and pink, these cues feature giant scorpions on the sleeve and forearm.  Instead of going with a wrap or sports grip, Scorpion decided to go au natural, opting for a no wrap handle.

Scorpion Sport Cases

Already have a pool cue but still want the awesomeness of Scorpion?  Check out the new Scorpion sport cases.  

This 1x1 hard case will keep your cue nice and safe, features an accessory pocket and is available in blue, pink and grey/black.


Scorpion Colors Series 

Most of the Scorpion cues are pretty flashy, but if you're looking for something basic with the same playability that comes standard on Scorpions, you should check out the Colors Series.

Available in Black, Blue, Red and Pink, each of these cues features a pressed black Irish linen wrap, 13mm layered water buffalo tip, a fiberglass coated pro tapered shaft and joint protectors.  Not too shabby for under 100 bucks.


Liz Ford - Houdini Pool: The Art of the Comeback

It takes special mental, physical and emotional focus to come back and win from the brink of defeat.  How many of us are prone to throw in the towel and believe that the match's over before it's really over?  

The following five techniques can help you up the odds that you'll pull off a Houdini-like escape maneuver.  You can't win them all, but you CAN find success in the fact that you've pledged to give your best effort regardless of the score; that's the beginning of the path to becoming a champion
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