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Stocking Stuffers Edition (12/11/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

The countdown is on.  There are less than 14 days to go before the clock strikes Christmas and if you're shopping online, you've got even less time than that (not to put any pressure on you, just sayin').  

While we're on the topic of the holidays, we may as well get the shipping deadlines out of the way.  These are always a bit tricky, because it depends on how far you are from Colorado when it comes to ground shipping, but we do have it all spelled out on our shipping page.  Long story short, as long as you order by the 17th, you'll be good to go on ground shipping for items that typically ship within 24 hours.  For expedited orders, here are the deadlines:

USPS Priority Mail: Dec. 17th
USPS Express Mail: Dec. 19th
UPS 3 Day Select: Dec. 19th
UPS 2 Day Air: Dec. 20th
UPS Overnight: Dec. 21st

Speaking of pressure, for your weekly dose of pool school, Jennifer Barretta talks about how to deal with stress and pressure during matches.  It won't help you when it comes to pressure from holiday shopping, but when it comes to pool it's aces baby. And away we go!

Predator Chalk

It's new! It's blue! It's got a funny shape!

We just got a huge shipment of Predator chalk in, so if you haven't tried out the new octagonal awesomeness, it's time to give it a go.  Plus, it fits perfectly in just about any stocking.


Cuetec 3 in 1 Bowtie Tip Tool

There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of tip tools out there and pretty much all of them claim to do just about everything under the sun.  The reality though is that pool players need a tip tool that aerates, scuffs and shapes.  That's why the Bowtie is so supremely awesome.  Everything you need in one little tool that fits perfectly in your pocket (or for the purposes of this email, a stocking).


Retractable Bridge Stick

You know what sucks?  Needing a bridge and finding out that the place you're playing doesn't have one (or they only have one and it's currently being used by a very large, intimidating guy who clearly has no interest in letting it go).

You know what doesn't suck? This retractable bridge.  It stretches out to a full 58", but it totally fits in most pool cue cases (as well as most stockings).


Kamui Chalk (0.98 or 1.21 Blend)

Imagine a place where you can shoot 2-3 racks straight without having to rechalk.  Sounds impossible, right?  Well, thanks to Kamui it's impossible no more!  

Now I don't want to say this chalk is magic, but I'm pretty sure it's infused with powdered unicorn horn.  Either that, or the Kamui guys did a ton of research and developed a compound that sticks to your tip longer than any other chalk on the market.  I'm good with either explanation.  I hope it's not the unicorn one though.  Poor unicorns.  Poor delicious unicorns.


Jennifer Barretta - If You Can't Stand The Heat, Put On A Fireproof Suit

One of the toughest things to master in any sport is the art of closing a match. Some say this is a skill that people are born with, but I don't agree. In my own career I have been through ups and downs of closing matches, and I've noticed some distinct patterns. The following are a few of the ways I've learned to deal with the pressure when the heat is on.

Take a break: if I'm feeling particularly stressed, I will take a bathroom break. Just the act of walking away from the table is calming. I do this frequently when I get on the hill to remind myself of what I need to do. Always take your break immediately when your feel your focus, and the match, slipping away. Don't come back until you get your head right...keep reading

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