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Summer School Edition (5/15/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Now I realize that Summer doesn't officially start until solstice which is a month away, but with the temperature gauge pushing 90 degrees, I'm calling it good enough for a summer themed email.  And what does summer have to do with pool?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  

Around this time every year, pool players go and play outdoors.  Golf, softball, that sort of thing.  Since everyone's slacking, now it the best time for Summer School pool style.  Naturally, we have just the things to keep your game in shape during the lazy summer days and of course I'm more than happy to share a few of my favorites with you.

Once you're done checking out all the supercool training products that I'm going to blather on about, treat yourself to a new article from the talented and effervescent Samm Diep (who also happens to be the new Executive Director of the Billiards Education Foundation) who will be talking about ways to stay cool during a match (stay cool/summer heat... yep, that's how we roll).  And away we go!  


Runout Media DVDs

I've gotta tell you.  I've seen a lot of training videos here at PoolDawg and while all the ones we carry have good information, the DVDs from Runout Media are seriously the bee's knees.

First off, you're getting lessons from literally the best pool players in the world.  Mika Immonen, Earl Strickland, Darren Appleton just to name a few.  Then there's the quality.  These videos are the tops when it comes to production.  We even have sample clips on the site for you to check out.  You will not be disappointed.


Training Balls

I love training videos, but there's nothing that beats taking those lessons and trying them out on the table.  Training balls pretty much immediately let you know whether or not you're hitting the ball correctly since you can see if the ball is following the correct path, spinning and rebounding the way you intended.

Instead of just practicing though, these balls actually teach as well.  They show you where to hit, how to hit and some even include additional training manuals.


The Cue Track Stroke Trainer

Yes, this is expensive.  Yes, it is totally worth the price of admission and I'm going to tell you why.

One of the biggest reasons that people don't improve is basic mechanics.  You can hit a million balls, but if you hit a million balls with a bad stroke, you're just going to reinforce bad mechanics.  The CueTrack literally forces you to use proper form when hitting the ball.  It is precision engineered and will absolutely change the way you play pool.  


The Ultimate Pool Challenge

I really shouldn't play favorites, but the Ultimate Pool Challenge is seriously my favorite game on the market.  In addition to being a really fun game for a bunch of bangers like myself to get together and play, it also take the monotony out of practice.

The way the game works is pretty simple.  The deck includes 52 different situational shots.  You make the shot, you get the points.  You miss the shot, your opponent can clean up and steal the points from you.  The shots range from pretty simply to insanely difficult, so it works well for all levels of play.  If you're really, really good though, there's the Advanced Series that was developed with Mike Massey to really challenge top level players.  They're $19.95 each or you can get both for $37.95.


Samm Diep - Stay Cool

With the summer months just around the corner, who couldn't use a tip on staying cool while playing pool?  When you notice your body temperature beginning to rise and your hands getting clammy, take action before you break a sweat.  

Here are some tips on maintaining the basic Three C's (Calm, Cool and Collected) during a match...keep reading

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