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Super Bowl Edition (1/31/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Ah, Super Bowl.  The one Sunday of the year where everyone's a football fan.  Well, except for those people that watch The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.  I love dogs, but I'll never understand that one.

As you probably know by now, pretty much everyone in the office here is either a Packers fan or a Broncos fan, so there's no chance that we're going to be able to convince anyone that we have warm fuzzies for either of the teams in the big game.  As for me, since I grew up in Los Angeles, I have no team and am quietly waiting for baseball season to start.  

Still though, we know that there are plenty of Giants and Pats fans out there, so I'm more than happy to pimp some officially licensed NFL billiards products this week.  Plus, we have a solid article from Liz Ford about the power of superstitions in pool, so it's not all pitchy goodness.  And away we go!


Officially Licensed NFL Pool Cues

Can you even have a themed man cave without one of these?  Not only do they feature your favorite football team, but they're pretty decent cues to boot.

Every one of the officially licensed NFL cues features the team's primary color on the butt and the shaft as well as the official logo.  The shafts are Canadian hard rock maple and they're coated with fiberglass to defend against dents and warping.




Officially Licensed NFL Pool Balls

You can't call your cave a true man cave without one of these sets of balls.  Well, you can, but I really don't want you to.  

These ball sets are all "home and away" sets, with half the set using the home colors and the other half using the away colors.  Please note that they only work for 8 ball, because the balls themselves aren't numbered (except the 8 ball of course).


Officially Licensed NFL Table Covers

Hey, how'd that Packers logo get in there?  Well, despite the image shenanigans, I will confirm that we do have Giants and Patriots pool table covers (as well as most of the other teams, including Keven's beloved Packers).

Each pool table cover is made with heavy duty Naugahyde and are fitted for 8 foot tables.




Officially Licensed NFL Dart Board Set

Ok, your man cave's got a pool table, cues, a big TV, maybe even a foosball table.  But the one thing you can't forget about is a dart board.  And since we know you're a football fan, how about an officially licensed one?  

This board is a complete set, coming with the cabinet you see here, a dart board and two sets of darts.  You can choose the Pats, the Giants or any of the NFL teams that didn't make it to the big game.


Liz Ford - The Power of Superstition

This one goes out to all those folks, myself included, who care so deeply about pool that it's corrupted their rational minds and made them resemble idol worshipers, shamans and those dupes from “The Village.”  Trinkets, strange repetitive mannerisms, and unbroken game-day rituals are as rampant among those emotionally invested in pool as they are among closing pitchers in baseball.  

Let's face it, people are weird, but we really do have our reasons. It's a big scary world out there and we need the small things to rely on as we navigate it. The following are just a few of the many ways that being superstitious can help us play better pool.... Keep Reading


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