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Swing For The Fences Edition (4/3/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

A famous writer once said that April is the cruelest month, but I've gotta tell you, I just don't see it.  We love April here at PoolDawg's Worldwide HQ, as it marks the end of snowy winter and the start of baseball season.

We have a couple of traditions here for Opening Day.  Keven breaks out the grill for some burgers and dogs, we tune into the MLB network and groove on baseball all day long.  That and we talk a little smack since we all have our hometown favorites (Dodgers, Brewers and the Rockies).  

Since we're on the subject, it seems like the perfect time to shill for officially licensed MLB products.  Fear not though, because once you get through the pitch, Liz Ford has put together an awesome new article just for our loyal PoolDawgians.  And away we go!.

Officially Licensed MLB Pool Cues

These MLB pool cues are surprisingly solid little hitters.  Not only do you get the official logo and colors on your cue, but the cue itself features a AAA grade Canadian maple shaft with a protective fiberglass coating.

So whether you're a fan of the super awesome Dodgers, the pretty awesome Brewers, the significantly less awesome Cubs or even the evil empire that is the NY Yankees, we've got the cue for you.


MLB Home and Away 8 Ball Sets

I know that 9 Ball is the bee's knees, but more often than not, I find that I play 8 ball and let me tell you, these "home and away" ball sets are perfect for 8 ball.  The balls aren't numbered (except for the 8 ball), but the set is split into a "home team" and an "away team" making it very easy to play the old solids vs. stripes.  Each ball features the official colors and logo putting a new twist on a classic game.


MLB Pool Table Covers

So here's the deal with the MLB pool table covers.  They measure 100" x 56", so they really are meant for 8 foot tables.  They're made with Naugahyde, so you know they're tough and only the mythical Naugacows were sacrificed in the process.  Also, they're pretty new to the MLB line, so we're starting out with just a handful of teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Cards and Dodgers).


MLB Dart Board Sets - $159.99

Ok, so this strays a bit from billiards supplies, but still, these dart board sets are pretty sweet.  Not only do you get an oak cabinet with the logo of your favorite team on the exterior (see the product page for an exterior shot), but you also get a dart board and two sets of darts to boot.


Liz Ford - Put A Band Aid on your Pool Boo-Boo!

You latch on to each new idea you encounter as “the secret to pool!”:  A fresh and innovative perspective that lights up your mind and game and energize you to play better than you ever have before.  And then it stops working.  Until you find the next new thing.  We pool-players call these experiences “Band-Aids,” because they successfully cover-up something raw with a clean, tidy and ultimately disposable veneer.  The analogy is imperfect, though, because there are some Band-Aids you'll save and reuse - which in the real world would be very, very gross.  

The longer you play, the more helpful Band-Aids you'll accumulate, eventually totally a hundred or more. When one stops working you can hit shuffle and shift your perspective to one that you know will work for a while. Case in point? Here are my top-ten all-time favorite Band-Aids, many of which approach the same ideas in different ways...keep reading

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