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Table Cleaning Edition (7/31/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Ok, you've got a pool table and unlike so many others, you use it to shoot pool instead of folding laundry.  Like any table that gets the proper amount of play and love, you're starting to notice that it just isn't looking its freshest anymore.  There are chalk stains all over the cloth, dog/cat/ferret/rabbit/muskrat hair is all over the place thanks to your beloved pet secretly using it as a bed at night and all that debris is making your balls roll funny.  So what's a pool table owner to do? 

As always, your loyal pals here at PoolDawg are here to help.  This week we're focusing on how to take care of your table and keep it in tip top shape.

Once you're done checking out all the awesome pool table maintenance tools that I'm going to blather on about, treat yourself to a new article from the one and only Samm Diep.  This week our favorite Denver Cherry Bomb will be providing ten great tips on how to develop your draw shot.  And away we go!  


Pool Table Covers

Brushing and cleaning your table is an absolute must, but really one of the best (and easiest) ways to maintain your pool table cloth is by simply covering it with a pool table cover.

For whatever reason, pets (especially cats) love to use pool tables as makeshift beds.  When they do this, it spells disaster for your cloth.  In addition, if your pool table is near a window, a cover will help block the sun, which ultimately fades your cloth.  Like I said, it's a must have.


Cue Silk Pool Table Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your table, there are a couple of different ways to go.  Sometimes your table needs an "all over" clean, but other times you just need to spot clean.  For that all over clean, the Quick Clean does a great job (unfortunately we're out of stock of it this week).  For spot cleaning though, I rely on the Cue Silk Table Cleaner (which we currently do have in stock).

This supremely awesome cleaner sprays a fine mist for even distribution.  After spraying, just wipe it down with a towel.  It doesn't contain any bleach or phosphates, so it is safe for pretty much any cloth.  Be sure to test it on a small area first though, just to be safe. 


Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cleaner

If you'd rather brush than spray, the X-1 is the way to go.  Brushing with a regular table brush gets a lot of the debris off your table but it always seems to leave some.  The X-1 on the other hand, works differently than other brushes, which is why it works so well.

Instead of using nylon or horsehair, the X-1 uses static electricity to pick up dust and debris.  Plus, the natural curved shape of the cleaner makes it really easy to clean under the rails and along the cushions.  


Pool Table Cloth

Interestingly, the one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bad, inconsistent rolls isn't debris.  Sometimes it's the cloth on your pool table.  Over time, cloth is going to wear no matter how meticulous you are about cleaning and caring for it.  It will develop burn marks and will wear in high traffic areas.  When your cloth is that worn, it's time to replace it.

At PoolDawg, we always strive to only sell high quality cloth that's going to play well and last.  We all know that Simonis is the bee's knees when it comes to cloth, but we also carry some excellent brands of cloth that play well and are a bit more affordable like Championship and Mali.  Check it out and always feel free to call us if you have questions about which cloth is going to best fit your game.


Samm Diep's Cue Tips: Back to the "Draw"ing Board

Do you have difficulty getting your cue ball to draw back to you? Or, when you do finally get backspin on the ball, does it seem to have a mind of its own? If you have trouble with the accuracy and consistency of your draw shots, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

This is one of the more difficult techniques to master. Here are 10 surefire tips to develop your draw shot.

#1. Keep your elbow up during your follow through
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