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Thar Be Sales Ahead Edition (9/18/12)

Ahoy PoolDawgians!

Ahoy Me Harties! Tomorrow is a very special day here at PoolDawg's worldwide headquarters.  Tomorrow is a day I look forward to every year.  What's so special about September 19th you ask?  Well, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day of course!  

In honor of this important holiday, this week's email will be in piratespeak (with the exception of Jennifer Barretta's excellent new article on the power of visualization).  Naturally, if you can't decipher the descriptions of the new products I'll be talking about, just head over to the website where you'll find the descriptions in good old modern day English.

So batten down yer hatches lads and lassies for thar be plenty 'o booty fer all ye salty dogs ahead.


Lava Chalk (2 Pieces per Box)

If ye be seekin' performance, it be Lava Chalk ye be needin'.  Accordin' te legend, dis here chalk be made from molten lava. 

When playin' with Lava Chalk, best be keepin' a weather eye on salty seadogs lookin' ta swipe yer precious chalk.  Davey Jones and a cat 'o nine tails be waitin' for anyone lookin' te snatch yer booty.  As fer da secret, dead men tell no tales but thar be squalls ahead fer anyone looking to match up wit' ye.


Eight Ball Mafia 2x2 Hard Case

When ye be stashin' yer pool cue, ye best be watchin' fer sneaky hornswagglers wit' itchy palms 'n sticky fingers.  Eight Ball Mafia's new case protects yer cue as if it were holdin' jewels, goblets an' pieces 'o eight.  

If it be storage ye be lookin' fer, the pockets be big enough to hold a king's ransom 'o booty.



McDermott GS02 Pool Cue 

Shiver me timbers! If ye be lookin' fer a pool cue to remind ye 'o da beautiful ocean blue, dis be da cue ye be looking fer.

From da legendary landlubbers o'er in Menomonee Falls comes a beaut of a cue holdin' a pigment stain as blue as da lovely Pacific ocean.  Bring this cue to th' pool hall and all dem bilge suckin' scallywags will be droolin' at da sight 'o it. 



Schon CX83 Pool Cue 

Aye, dis new beauty from Schon be a treasure unlike any ye've ever seen.  Tis so lovely that even Davey Jones himself would rise from th' inky depths 'o th' ocean for a gander.  Turquoise, ebony 'n ivory be inlaid throughout dis lovely lass.  

Be warned matey, it be costin' ye more than a handful 'o doubloons and a bottle of rum ta boot, but fer a true buccaneer it be worth every penny.


Jennifer Barretta - The Power of Visualization

One of the most important things you can do to improve your game is visualization. There are many books written on the subject, and most of the top athletes in the world use different forms of it to improve their performance. There are a few ways that pool players can use visualization to improve performance at the table, and achieve greater success. Here they are, in a nutshell:

Visualize every shot - This should be an essential part of any preshot routine. After deciding which shot to play it's best to stand back from the table and try to imagine the clearest picture of the cueball's path to the object ball, and the object ball's path to the pocket. Then imagine a clear line that the cueball will take and where it will come to rest...keep reading

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