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Tournament Preparation Edition (8/7/12)

Howdy PoolDawgians!

Well, August is here, which means it's just about time for us to make our annual trip to Las Vegas for APA Nationals.  Keven is busy packing up a gigantic crate filled to the brim with cues, cases and accessories, so while he's doing that, I'm going to tell you everything you need to have when you're hitting the road for a tournament. 

Over the course of this email, I'm going to tell you about four things that you absolutely must get.  The fact that all of them have our logo on them is pure coincidence and shouldn't be seen as us trying to get you to buy our logo'd products so that people will see it and ask you "where did you get that cool thing with the dawg logo?"

As always, putting up with these emails does have its rewards.  This week, you'll be rewarded with another article from Jennifer Barretta.  This week she'll be talking about avoiding silly mistakes when playing 9 ball, which is a great topic considering all the peeps headed out to Sin City for some team 9 ball action.  Great tips as always from one of the best in the world.  And away we go!


PoolDawg Chalk by Master Chalk

When you go to play in a tournament, the last thing you want to do is hope and pray that someone was nice enough to leave a piece of chalk on the rail for you to use.  If on the off chance there is a piece of the rail, you know it's going to be all dried out anyway, so why chance it. 

For the low, low price of just 3 bucks, you can have your own box of 12 cubes of blue Master Chalk with both the Master Chalk logo and the supremely awesome PoolDawg logo.  If you happen to be at APA nationals next week and you do manage to forget your chalk, just stop by the booth (the first one on the right when you enter the hall).  We give away our chalk throughout the tournament, so we'll get you hooked up.



PoolDawg Comfort Strap

I don't know why, but it seems like every pool cue case out there comes with a strap that was designed by some sort of sadistic madman.  A thin piece of nylon or leather does nothing but dig into your shoulder, making carrying your case a pretty miserable experience.  That's why we created the PoolDawg Comfort Strap.

Not only does it feature a huge, soft, fluffy pad for your shoulder, but the strap also has a pocket and some D-Rings for your towel and other clippable accessories.



Q-Wiz Shaft Cleaner

When you go to an event like APA Nationals, you can expect to play a lot of pool.  You know what happens when you play a lot of pool?  Your shaft gets dirty.  It gets sticky.  It gets covered in grime and sweat.  That's why it's so important to keep a shaft cleaner with you.

Here at PoolDawg, we love the Q-Wiz.  We love it so much that we even put our logo on it.  Just a couple quick strokes up and down gets all that grime and gunk off your shaft and leaves it feeling nice and smooth.  




PoolDawg Towel 

The Q Wiz is a great tool, but you don't need to use it all the time.  Sometimes all it takes to clean your shaft is a quick wipe down with a towel.  

Our PoolDawg towel is made from high quality terrycloth so it gives your shaft a nice clean every time.  Plus, it comes with a nice grommet and hook which allows you to clip it to your case (or perhaps your new PoolDawg comfort strap).


Jennifer Barretta - Avoiding Silly Mistakes in 9 Ball (Part 1 of 2)

When I first began working with my mentor he gave me a list of ten silly mistakes players make in nine ball. My lack of knowledge made me guilty of every single offense on a regular basis. These days I am still guilty of the occasional oversight, so every now and then I refer back to my list. I hope you do the same.

1. When there is a carom or combo available on the nine, and you know it's right to play for it, do not go for the runout for either of the following reasons ...keep reading

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