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Lifetime Warranty Cues

Lifetime Warranty Cues

These Pool Cues are Guaranteed For Life

When it comes to purchasing your pool cue, you want to know that it's going to last. All the cues in this category feature lifetime manufacturer warranties. If you purchase one of these cues you can rest assured that the manufacturer will stand behind their work by repairing or replacing any cue that suffers a manufacturer's defect.

Pool cues that feature lifetime warranties include Lucasi, Players, Viking and McDermott.

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  1. Predator BLAK3-1 Pool Cue

    Predator BLAK3-1 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $953.10

    Save 10%

    Predator BLAK3-1 Pool Cue Learn More
  2. Predator BLAK3-2 Pool Cue

    Predator BLAK3-2 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,043.10

    Save 10%

    Predator BLAK3-2 Pool Cue Learn More
  3. Predator BLAK3-3 Pool Cue

    Predator BLAK3-3 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,133.10

    Save 10%

    Predator BLAK3-3 Pool Cue Learn More
  4. Predator BLAK3-4 Pool Cue

    Predator BLAK3-4 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,259.10

    Save 10%

    Predator BLAK3-4 Pool Cue Learn More
  5. Predator BLAK3-5 Pool Cue

    Predator BLAK3-5 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,403.10

    Save 10%

    Predator BLAK3-5 Pool Cue Learn More
  6. Viking VIK941 Pool Cue

    Viking VIK941 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,215.00

    Save 10%

    This is one pristine looking pool cue from Viking. With its pearl inlays to the intricate CNC Scrimshaw design with pearl. It's sure to please the eyes as well as stop the competition. All Viking cues are made in the USA and Viking stands by all of their cues with a lifetime warranty.

    Learn More
  7. Viking VIK931 Pool Cue with Ebony and New Guinea Vermillion

    Viking V931 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,080.00

    Save 10%

    As pool cue manufacturers go, Viking comes up with some of the most unique and intriguing designs for their cues year after year. The VIK931 is no exception, as everything about the design absolutely screams "Viking".

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  8. Viking V170 Pool Cue with West African Ebony, Turquoise & West African Zebrawood

    Viking V170 Pool Cue


    Our Price  $998.10

    Save 10%

    This is probably one of my favorite Viking Cues. The Turquoise with the honey stained Birdseye Maple on this cue gives it that Native American look. The West African Ebony just makes the Turquoise pop even more.

    This cue also comes with Vikings Low Deflection ViKORE shaft with a 13mm Tiger Everest tip. Making it a great cue for intermediate players. It also comes with Vikings Lifetime warranty so it is sure to be around for many many years to come.

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  9. McDermott M29B Cocobolo with turquoise Pool Cue

    McDermott M29B Pool Cue


    Our Price  $1,402.50

    Save 15%

    The exceptional McDermott M29B cue stick is truly a work of art. Constructed of Central American cocobolo wood on the forearm and sleeve, this cue features an astounding 132 inlays of southwestern turquoise, synthetic Ivory and cocobolo in floating points, diamonds and "H" shapes.

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9 Item(s)

per page

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