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Pool Cue Tip Tools

Pool Cue Tip Tools has every tool you'll ever need to manage and maintain your pool cues. Tip Piks, Porper Tip Tools, Cue Cubes, Sanders, Scuffers, Tip Tappers and more are all in stock and ready to ship. Whether its the popular Tip Pik, Cue Cube or any of our other tip tools, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  1. Porper Mushroom Grazer

    Porper Mushroom Grazer


    Our Price: $18.95

    Save 24%

    This Porper Mushroom Grazer is easy to use for trimming and cleaning up your cue tip after mushrooming occurs. You can turn the adjustment dial on this tool to trim any thickness of tip all the way up to 14mm. If you have a mushroom crisis, the grazer will happily help you devour this problem. 

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  2. Porper Cut-Rite

    Porper Cut-Rite


    Our Price: $17.95

    Save 28%

    This two sided tool, for cutting and shaping, is a great cue tip first aid combo. This tool will work effectively on tips up to 13mm. The first side will cut that tip even to the ferrule, and then the other side you can use for finishing the tip and for mushrooming. This Porper Cut-Rite will have your cue tip ready for play and hitting efficiently.  Learn More

  3. Porper Tip Shaper/Tacker

    Porper Tip Shaper/Tacker


    Our Price: $9.95

    Save 29%

    The Porper Tip Shaper/Tacker is a superior two sided tool that can be used for both shaping and scuffing. The Shaper/Tacker also acts as an excellent tip tapper for your pool cue. This is an effective multi-tool that will have your cue hitting in great shape with little effort. The tip shaper and tacker ends are both permanently sharpened for a lifetime of reliable performance.

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  4. Porper Big Shaver

    Porper Big Shaver


    Our Price: $119.95

    Save 0%

    Cleans and prepares tops of ferrules for new tips, and then trims, shapes and burnishes tips. Adjusts to any thickness of tip with a control button for trimming. Shaves side of tip even with ferrule and shapes to a perfect nickel radius. The file-hard steel blade allows hundreds of trimmings before it needs to be resharpened.

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  5. Porper Cut Rite Replacement Blade

    Porper Cut Rite Replacement Blade


    Our Price: $9.95

    Save 23%

    This is a replacement blade for the Porper Cut Rite tip tool.

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  6. Porper Mushroom Grazer Replacement Blade

    Porper Mushroom Grazer Replacement Blade


    Our Price: $2.95

    Save 25%

    This is a replacement blade for the Porper Mushroom Grazer tip tool.

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  7. Porper Big Shaver Replacement Blade

    Porper Big Shaver Replacement Blade


    Our Price: $11.95

    Save 20%

    This is a replacement blade for the Porper Big Shaver.  Looking for the Porper Big Shaver its self, no worries we carry that to.

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  8. Porper Tip Burnisher

    Porper Tip Burnisher


    Our Price: $7.95

    Save 20%

    If you want to keep your cue’s tip in good shape, this Porper tip burnisher is a must have. All you do is slide it over the tip of your pool cue and twist it back and forth – this hardens the sides of the tip and helps to prevent the pool cue tip from mushrooming. This essential tool for cue tip health fits up to a 14 mm tip. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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