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Debbie Schjodt

Here at PoolDawg, we decided that its about time to sponsor a player. After looking for some time, we found ourselves a player that just is PoolDawg - Debbie Schjodt. Currently ranked #24 in the WPBA and #1 on the Ladies Spirit Tour for 2007 and 2008, Debbie is everything that PoolDawg is all about. She works hard, she plays hard and most importantly, she loves pool and hanging out with pool players of all levels.

We should tell you a little bit about Debbie. Born in Seoul, South Korea and Debbie grew up in South Dakota. As for her unique look, well, she's 1/2 Korean, 1/2 Norwegian and at 6' 4" tall which makes her pretty tough to miss. We asked her to share a little bit about herself and here's what we got:

How did you start playing pool?
I picked it up recreationally in college when I was 17 yrs old but didn't start taking it seriously until I was around 20 yrs old when I moved to Savannah, Ga. I always had natural talent and when I quit playing volleyball I decided to concentrate on pool. My father used to play snooker at the bowling alley and I would watch sometimes but wasn't really interested back then. We played a few games before he passed away in 2003 and I always tried to let him win and I think he tried to let me win so we ended up pretty even. I wish he could've watched me play one of my tournaments so he could see how I really played.

You have had several nicknames, give us a few and what is your favorite?
Here we go! Shorty, slim, beanpole, legs, stick, tree, Lurch, Kareem Abdul Jabar, gigantor, gargantua, sasquatch, amazon, Big Bird (when I wore yellow: don't wear that color anymore because of that: very traumatizing). You kinda get the picture right? Most recently, and the one I will probably keep is The Intimidator. I don't think I'm intimidating but apparently other people do. Chicken bleeps!

What's something interesting folks don't know?
I'm not really as funny as people think I am! Yea right!! I'm a riot! I'm a pretty open person and there isn't really anything too interesting about me other than that I'm 6'4" tall which is evident just by looking at me. My legs are real not implants. I guess one thing is that I am terrified of swimming in the ocean. I respect the fact that sharks and big fish with big teeth don't come on my land so why do I need to go in their's.

Next time you're in Florida, at a WPBA event or at a Ladies Spirit tour stop, be sure to say hi to Debbie. As our new player rep, she's also the de facto keeper of Frank the PoolDawg, so when you say hi to Debbie, be sure to give Frank a pat too!

If you don't get a chance to meet up with Debbie and Frank, you can always check out Frank's Blog at Frank and Debbie have lots of pictures there along with fans and pool players that they meet on tour.

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