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Cue Balls

Cue Balls

Looking for a replacement cue ball for your pool table? Wanting to upgrade to a nicer cue ball? PoolDawg has just what you're looking for. Regular, oversized, magnetic and the wildly popular Pro Cup ''Measles'' cue ball are all available and on sale.

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  1. Action Crazy Cue Ball

    Action Crazy Cue Ball


    Our Price: $7.95

    Save 20%

    Even though it looks like a “normal” cue ball, it is weighted off-center so when you try to hit it straight, it spins and wobbles in a different direction. This makes a great gag gift and is a fun practical joke to play on your opponents.

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  2. Action Magnetic Cue Ball

    Action Magnetic Cue Ball


    Our Price: $9.95

    Save 23%

    If your home or bar pool table has an automatic, magnetic cue ball return, you should have a special replacement cue ball on hand so play is never interrupted. This Magnetic Cue Ball by Action has a magnet built into the center to trip the sensor in the table. After a scratch, the cue ball is separated from the number balls and returned it to the end of the table.

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  3. Action Oversized Cue Ball

    Action Oversized Cue Ball


    Our Price: $4.95

    Save 17%

    If your pool table has an automatic, oversized cue ball return, make sure play is never interrupted by having a special replacement cue ball on hand. This Oversized Cue Ball by Action allows the ball to be separated from the numbered balls before it goes into the storage compartment.

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  4. Action Standard Cue Ball

    Action Standard Cue Ball


    Our Price: $3.95

    Save 34%

    Out of stock

    You can't play pool without a cue ball, so make sure you always have an extra one on hand. This Action Pak Cue Ball is made with high grade phenolic materials for durability and an accurate roll at an affordable price. Don't play with a pitted, worn out cue ball any longer! Learn More
  5. Breast Cancer Awareness Pool Balls

    Breast Cancer Awareness Pool Balls


    Our Price: $17.95

    Save 10%

    As the most common cancer for women, breast cancer continues to be one of the most important issues for women everywhere and is an issue that simply cannot be ignored. In order to bring further awareness to this issue, Cuestix International has introduced the Breast Cancer Awareness Ball Set.

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