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Pool and Billiard Balls

Pool and Billiard Balls

Time to upgrade your pool balls? is your resource for billiards balls, pool balls and snooker balls. carry's only the finest and highest quality pool balls from Aramith, Elephant, Brunswick, Action and more. In addition, you'll find a wide selection of officially licensed ball sets from the NFL and MLB.

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  1. Economy Pool Ball Carrying Case

    Economy Pool Ball Carrying Case


    Our Price: $34.95

    Save 22%

    Schlepping your balls around from pool room to pool room can be a pain if you don't have a decent carrier. That's why we picked up this sturdy and affordable ball carrying case. Unlike other cases that let your balls smack into each other, this case features separate holes for each of the 16 balls in your set and a handy place to store the included carrying strap. Learn More
  2. Ballsak Cue Ball Case

    Ballsak Cue Ball Case


    Our Price: $12.95

    Save 13%

    The quality of cue ball you use during a game of pool can mean the difference between winning and losing. With the Ballsak cue ball case, you can bring your favorite cue ball with you to the match without taking up valuable space in your cue case. No more shooting a game with chipped, worn out, improperly weighted, or oversized cue balls ever again. With the Ballsak you can be sure that every game of pool you play will be your best.

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  3. Foam Insert for Billiard Carrying Case

    Foam Insert for Billiard Carrying Case


    Our Price: $7.95

    Save 20%

    Out of stock

    This is the foam insert for the Aramith Ball Carrying Case.

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  4. Action Billiards and Pool Balls Tray

    Action Billiards and Pool Balls Tray


    Our Price: $3.95

    Save 21%

    Made from durable plastic, this basic tray is an excellent, inexpensive way to store your favorite billiards ball set. The tray holds up to 16 balls. Learn More
  5. Aramith 2 Shaft 2 Butt Pool Cue & Ball Set Case

    Aramith 2 Shaft 2 Butt Pool Cue & Ball Set Case


    Our Price: $152.93

    Save 20%

    Arrive at the pool room in the ultimate style with this all-in-one case from Aramith. Along with securely holding two shafts and two butts, this high quality, fully-lined metal case holds a complete set of balls allowing you to keep your equipment consistent wherever you go. You take the game seriously, so treat yourself to the best.

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  6. Aramith Nylon Ball Carrying Case

    Aramith Nylon Ball Carrying Case


    Our Price: $54.17

    Save 20%

    The Aramith nylon ball carrying case is a great way to bring your balls with you to the pool hall and make sure they are safe and protected. This case is made of nylon and has a double zipper. It can hold 17 Ball Slots and has a slot for Aramith liquid cleaner.

    Please note: Balls and liquid cleaner product not included

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  7. Snooker Ball Tray

    Snooker Ball Tray


    Our Price: $5.95

    Save 14%

    Snooker is a game that has a world-wide following. The U.S. has finally caught on and Action is here to supply us with all the equipment we need to play. The Action Snooker Tray holds 21 snooker balls for easy storage and includes two chalk holders to keep the balls clean. Cheers gov'na to your first perfect 147!

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  8. Billiard Parlour Scoreboard/Ball Holder

    Billiard Parlour Scoreboard/Ball Holder


    Our Price: $143.00

    Save 18%

    Keep score of your game with this billiard parlour scoreboard/ball holder. Not only does it allow you to keep track of your score but it also has 3 shelves to store your billiards balls on not to mention it looks beautiful as well. With its hard carved and had painted design it's sure to look great in any pool room.

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