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Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Cleaner (40ml)

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Clean your cue shaft in seconds with Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Cleaner. This cleaner produces a smooth, moisture resistant surface that protects the cue shaft from chalk penetration and repels dirt and dust. Unlike damage that can occur to your expensive wood cue from constant sanding or sticky shafts that can occur from product build-up, Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Cleaner will help maintain your wood cue like new and provide an ultra smooth, beautiful finish. Because this product does not contain petrochemicals, silicone oils or waxes, it is safe and effective to use on wood, composite, graphite or fiberglass shafts.


Size: 1.3 Ounces
Use: Designed for fiberglass and graphite shafts, also safe for wood shafts


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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        January 22, 2014

      shaft polishers

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    • very good product for the money, convenient to have either in your bag or in your pocket and be able to give wipe down the shaft while your playing without making it obvious. Does a pretty good job on smoothing it out. I use it while in a match and works wells.

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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        December 31, 2010

      Cuetec helps you get rid of the blues

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    • Rank: Banger

    • One thing a Pool Player hates to see is the shaft of a nice cue turning blue. I've been using Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Cleaner for more than 5 years. I've tried other products, but could not get the results I get with Cuetec. I carry an old washcloth in my cue case, remove the lid from a bottle of Cuetec Cue Cleaner, then make two damp spots of cleaner on the washcloth, about 1/8th inch apart. I then lay the shaft of my cue between those spots and rub vigorously up and down the shaft several times, ending up cleaning the ferrule. The blue on the washcloth shows you the cleaning power of this product. It not only cleans, it leaves your shaft with a no-drag slick finish. Cuetec Cue Cleaner is a very inexpensive way to keep you cue looking like new. I use this cleaning process before every match.

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