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Its George Tip Tool

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The “Its George” tip tool is a heavy duty multi tool that will allow you to scuff, tap, and shape all in one. In addition to helping out with all these tip first aid needs, this tip tool features both nickel and dime gauges. If you are looking for an efficient sturdy tool, the “Its George” is great for any pool enthusiast looking to keep their tip at the top of its game.


Color: Gold with pouch
Use: Scuffs, taps, ans shapes to nickel and dimes radius on cue tips


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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        February 6, 2014

      An excellent, easy and unobtrusive tool

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    • This IS an excellent tool for 'instant' cue maintenance. Shaping, scuffing, all accomplished with ease. My only criticism would be the tip tapper on the opposite side of the shaper. It's a little coarse/blunt to be totally effective. Jeniffer says in her video not to use it too hard, but unless you do, you really don't get any benefit from it. Slightly sharper 'points' on the tapper would have been better. Conversely, I would say that the scuffer is a little 'aggressive' and might take a poorly stuck on tip right off if used with too much pressure, but if you're careful it works fine. (ALWAYS file downwards on your tip - never up) Overall I WOULD recommend "It's George" (apart from the stupid name) as it really is a very useful addition to your case, and VERY easy to store as well.

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        March 25, 2011

      Favorite Tool

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    • I have used just about every tip tool imaginable including the CueShark P.U.P. tool. This is by far the best tip tool available. It will put a perfect tip radius on your cue and has two gauges for checking them.

      I keep one in every cue case I own.

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