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Action Weight Bolt

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Weight bolts for Action, Athena, Elite, Griffin and Stealth Brand cues. These weight bolts come in 1oz increments and are used for weight changes on Action, Athena, Elite, Griffin and Stealth brand cues. Before purchasing a weight bolt, we recommend that you determine the weight of the bolt in your current cue, then size up based on how much you want to increase your overall cue weight.


Sizes: 1, 2, 3, and 4 ounces
Cues: For Action, Athena, Elite, Griffin and Stealth cues


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        February 17, 2013

      Action Weight Bolt ~ XLNT Quality

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    • This Action threaded 1 ounce metal weight bolt provides customization of your cue. Vary your cue’s weight by adding or removing weight bolts from the butt end. The weight bolts are easy to install; remove the butt cap from the cue and use an 8mm hex wrench on the weight bolt. The weight bolt fits Viper cues too. Simply unscrew the current bolt and install the replacement. Adjusting your cue’s weight allows versatility and professional pool playing ability.

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        December 18, 2010

      Better have a strong grip and an allen wrench with handle!

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    • Getting the old one out is a breeze. Getting the 4 ounce on in far enough to get the rubber end cap back was quite difficult. It's about 4 inches long compared to the 1 inch or less original weight. I used some chap stick first, to try to lube the threads screwing in in and back out getting farther in each time. Then I tried some candle wax on the threads, sat on my allen wrench handle (you don't get one with it) on the floor and used both hands turning it toward me for better grip. It's in and the cap is about an eighth of an inch from being fully seated. I'll probably be able to get a couple of more turns on the bolt and eventually get it in far enough to get the cap fully seated.

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