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The 99 Critical Shots in Pool Book

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There are literally millions of different shots that can come up when you're playing pool, but the reality is that they're all derived from the 99 shots listed in this book. Written by legendary pool player Ray "Cool Cat" Martin, the book was originally published in 1977, but almost 30 years later it continues to be one of the most important books for pool player who want to elevate their game. Simply put, it is a must read.

Featuring over 200 illustrations, a glossary of pool terms and tips on buying and maintaining your pool equipment, this book is a must have for any pool player.


Binding: Paperback
Pages: 220


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        December 30, 2012

      be ready to drill shots

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    • The first thing you want to realize when you read the 99 critical shots in pool is Ray "the cool cat" Martin is a champion of straight pool. If your an eightball player your going to see application for some of these shots very rarely in game.
      The principles you can learn from some of these shots will serve to shock beginners and intermediates when you do pull off an upset shot when they thought there wasn't a shot on the table.
      As in many tutorial books the shots are supposed to build on each other. Some of these concepts are easy, but I had trouble learning many of them before I really learned what a good stroke felt like, and what "speed" to play the shot at. Know the speed of your table is going to affect how hard of a stroke to use to pull the shot off. An advanced player mentoring you through this book will speed you though it alot faster.
      The hardest part about picking things up from this book is its very basic and bland. The book is black and white. The angles and contact point are generalized on many of the shots. The speed and amount of english is also left to experiment with.
      There are many tips on cueball control, shotmaking, and finding a shot in a hopeless cluster. The problem is you better be ready to practice alot of trial and error. Get a good basic fundamental stroke, and a concept of speed from someone who knows what they are talking about before you start your journey to excellence from this book. Then watch your game progress in leaps and bounds.

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