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Black Plastic Billiards Bridge

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This black plastic bridge head has a tighter more rounded design that can help you attempt those hard to reach shots with the same up close accuracy. This bridgehead will slide on and attach to your bridge stick with a screw.


Material: Plastic


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        October 21, 2011

      Helpful assembly tip !

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    • The moose antlers looked like something from outer space. The brassie's, a tad cheesy. I opted for this plain-jane style.

      Using two old, full length house sticks, I cut off the tips and ferrules with a fine blade, but found the shaft diameter small for a snug fit on the new bridge socket.

      I rough sanded the old cue ends, then scissor cut strips of brown wrapping paper into a 3/4 x 6" strips. Before gluing, I dry fitted the brown paper to the new bridge and drilled the cue end-hole (using the new bridge hole as a centering guide) for a flat head screw of adequate length and pre-drilled the shaft tip. Then, placing a modest amount of wood glue on the stick and both sides of the brown paper, tightly wrapped the wet glued brown paper around the shaft until the bridge fit snugly - trimming off any excess. After bottoming the tip into the bridge, the excess brown paper was trimmed flush to the bridge socket and excess glue wiped with a damp rag. Before the glue hardened, I screwed in a flat-head wood screw into the end-hole to assure retention and a perfect fit.

      I suspect over tightening either the end-screw or the brown paper wrap fit - would crack the bridge socket. It is only plastic after all :)

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