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Total Shot Trainer

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8:30AM - 5:00PM


Learn to master the Total Shot: Aim, Cue Ball Path, and Speed Control
See the total shot all the way through to the final resting place of the cue ball. Perfect your aim to pocket all shots. Learn the difference between the aim line and the contact point. Learn to see the cue ball path to pocket the correct position route. See how speed affects the cue ball path. Develop the touch required to control the speed of the cue ball to play perfect position.
Improve your game - Learn to pocket balls and play position like a professional.
Easy to use and effective - Stays in place while shooting, Reusable over and over again, Works on all size pool tables, Safe to use on all types of cloth.


Package includes: 1 Total Shot Trainer, 1 ten inch practice landing pad, 1 five inch practicde landing pad, 12 ball markers to set up repeat shots
2 Free Bonuses: Hit the Zone Game, 10 Steps to Consistency


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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        October 28, 2012

      Good starter tool

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    • This is really good for the beginner trying to understand object ball strike and cue ball path. Practice with this tool will result in better cue ball control.

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