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360 PureCue Action Trainer

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The patent pending 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer has been developed by professional coach and Gravity Cue creator Neil Johnson and is a huge technological breakthrough in cue sports training. The training cue incorporates a specially designed self centring spring loaded section that flexes/bends when any uneven distribution of pressure is applied by the player. This forces the player to attempt to balance out the imbalances in their action in the playing position, through 360 degrees. The 360 will not only highlight every flaw in each and every individual’s action, it will with practice, train them flaws out, including the flaws you didn’t even know you had. The cue does this by challenging the player to not only further develop their basic motor skills but also their fine motor skills. Just by attempting to develop a full repertoire of shots with the 360 PureCue Action Trainer whist trying to avoid any flexing/bending of it gives the player an absolute means to developing the very individual mechanics they should be adopting that are personally suitable to them if they are to achieve the very best version of themselves

The 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer will help you to:
1.Minimise or even eliminate twisting and turning of the wrist.
2.Train away lateral arm and shoulder movement.
3.Get on and stay on the correct plain.
4.Virtually eliminate snatching through the development of perfect tempo. Perfecting the transition in the action is the key to perfect timing.
5.Develop a full, smooth, even delivery.
6.Become like one with the cue
7.Develop a seamless shot routine.
8.Develop the perfect rest play action.

The 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer has been designed to help each and every player as individuals and with regard to technique, cut through the often conflicting opinions of players and coaches alike. From one shot to the next, whether in isolation or combination, you are either applying an uneven distribution of forces on the cue line through pushing, pulling, pressing, twisting or turning or you’re not. The 360 PureCue Action Trainer has the capability to diagnose and train out all the flaws that cause a player so much frustration by simply providing them with the answers to their individual needs.


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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        February 6, 2014

      Spring is too weak

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    • A GREAT idea based on a similar idea for golf training. BUT I found the spring in mine to be too weak, meaning that the training cue is not as sensitive as I would like. In other words, it doesn't 'break' very easily. I don't mean breaking the balls! - I mean actually breaking in half as it is designed to do. Actually, it is excellent for practicing your break shot where a lot of power is used, but for 'normal' med, or half med shots, it takes a fair bit of inaccurate cueing to get it to do its job. I don't know if its spring will weaken with use, (only time will tell) but I wanted it to respond with the slightest of shots. Not happening I'm afraid. I would imagine if you were a beginner this would be useful but seeing as it's mainly advanced players who are wishing to 'fine tune' their stroke, I would suggest the manufacturers need to put a much finer tolerance on the spring joint of this otherwise fine bit of equipment. I own the POOL version of this cue. I don't know if the SNOOKER version is more sensitive. I would hope so as snooker demands even greater accuracy.

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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        November 17, 2010

      More Information on the 360 Action Trainer

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      PoolDawg Employee

    • Since I'm the worst pool player here at PoolDawg, it was up to me to give this a try. The concept is interesting, as it does force you to maintain a smooth stroke. The biggest issue as I see it is that the trainer will only hope if you have significant flaws in your stroke. I stroked with this cue 10 times and received feedback via the tool on 3 of my 10 strokes. To get a better understanding for how it works, I've included a video demonstration from the manufacturer.

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