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EZ Jumper

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The jump shot can be difficult to master for even the best players, especially those who lack the height to achieve proper cue elevation a must for getting the cue ball over impeding balls. Luckily, the developers of the EZ Jump have created an innovative product to help provide the necessary stability and height needed for perfect, repeatable execution. This convenient, portable, hand-held bridge supports your cue allowing you to achieve a downward hit even when the cue ball is in the middle of the table! This ingenious product even includes a cloth disc which can be placed under the cue ball during practice to avoid any damage to the cloth or table.


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        March 8, 2013


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    • Great product to either help you learn to jump or help you bridge.
      I had surgery on my wrist and it is hard for me to bridge that high and stay steady.

      Love it.

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