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Action Toxic Training Ball

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Every time I see this ball, it makes me think of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and a kickass plutonium charged DeLorean. Makes you wonder what would happen if you hit this ball at 88 MPH...

In all seriousness, the Action Toxic Training Ball is a great way to improve your cue ball positioning and is helpful for players of all skill level. This new training balls has detailed target grids designed to give the shooter visual feedback of where to strike the cue ball in order to get the desired amount of "english". Practicing with this great training aid will teach you the trick of getting accurate draw, follow, side spin and even bank shots.

Please make sure you select between the standard training ball or the magnetic made just for ball return tables.


Size: 2 1/4"
Style: Regular or Magnetic


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        January 23, 2013

      cool product.. but left a little in the dark

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    • I would consider myself an advanced beginner at pool so I wanted to get some training tools to advance my game further so after repeatedly getting beaten badly in league I figured learning english and cue ball control was a good starting point now I choose this particular ball over the others because of the magnetic version for return tables unlike other similar products like the jim rempe ball this one didn't come with an instructions booklet I just thought it would have been helpful to have an idea of what would happen if I hit the cue ball in the different sections. Before I took to the table

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