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Cue Ball Tracker

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The Cue Ball Tracker™ is a simple, concise tool to answer the question of the cue ball's deflection path after contacting an object ball. If the cue ball deflection path is ever not clear to you, then Cue Ball Tracker™ is for you.

This thing is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. You take the decal, put it on the forearm of your cue butt and line up your shot. When you get down to aim, you'll see the different possible angles and ball paths.

You'll receive two decals (choose black or white depending on the color of your forearm) and step by step instructions for using your Tracker with top, center and low English as well as speed control.


Tracker Units: 2
Available Colors: White, Black
Instruction Booklet: Included


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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        October 28, 2012

      Basic, but good

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    • This product is very simple to use, accurate, and can help beginners and advance players. I was impressed and reccomend it to pool players who are serious about tracking the cue ball path.

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      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        February 11, 2011

      Cue Ball Tracker Review

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    • Purpose
      The Cue Ball Tracker™ is an adhesive indicator that attaches to your cue stick to help identify the exact path of the cue ball after it contacts the object ball.

      I will not lie. It will require some practice and getting used to before getting the hang of the Cue Ball Tracker™ but once you learn how to use it properly and remember that it’s there, it’s really quite effective and in many cases even a lifesaver.

      There are various methods of holding out your cue or fingers to find your tangent line or rolling ball path but this is the most simple and precise system I’ve seen so far.

      Players of all levels can benefit from Cue Ball Tracker™ but I believe it’s ideal for the Intermediate/League-player.

      Nothing fancy. It’s just simple and discrete.

      Price / Value
      Retail price: $14.95
      PoolDawg price: $9.95
      At first it seemed like a lot of money for a little sticker that just applies to your cue but the tool is with you where ever your cue is. You don’t need to pull it out of you case or forget it at home, it’s always there and it’s very effective. So, for that reason, I deem this product a good value.

      I’ve been informed that my only two gripes are currently being addressed. First, I found the stickers to be slightly thick and a little distracting. Version 2.0 will be much thinner and less noticeable. And second, the packaging could be a little greener. They are working to resolve this as well.

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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        February 10, 2011

      Feed Back from Cue Ball Tracker

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    • I enjoyed the info you get with the decal. The decal is only placed on my cue to remind me of the info I read. Since this has nothing to do with english shots, I still thought this was a little expensive for just info. I always use the least amount for shipping so maybe I have learn something I didn't know. Your write up on this product was impressive. Whether I can remember what I read is going to be the key of making better judgment shots using the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 hit control.

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