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You Might Be A D Player If...

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This is not just another pool book. You Might Be A D Player If… a new book by pool player and writer Samm Diep, is a witty, tongue-in-cheek tribute to pool devotees across America.Subtitled, 101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate, Diep’s book is packed with over 100 pages of storiesand illustrations. Collected over her years of experience in the pool community, You Might Be A D Player If… will strike many familiar chords with enthusiasts. “Placing your beer in the table pocket, resting your cigarette on the rail, smacking your gum, flipping the rack, – we’ve all seen it or done it at some point,” says Diep.With rave reviews from touring pros Max Eberle and Megan Minerich, Billiards Digest columnist Tom Ross and numerous others, You Might Be A D Player If... is quickly becoming an instant classic.


Arthur: Samm Diep
Pages: Over 100


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        December 3, 2010

      Too Funny!

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    • I picked this bnook up as a stocking stuffer for my husband last year! It is so funny! I read so many things in here that i remember doing when i was younger at a pool hall!! I love it. I think i may pick up a few more this year as well!!

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