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Octagon Pool Cue Chalker

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So here's the thing. We all love the new Predator 1080 chalk, but finding a pocket chalker that works with it has been a huge problem. Well, thanks to the guys over at Action, there's now a pocket chalker that solves this problem.

Designed specifically to fit a cube of Predator 1080 chalk, the holder features an octagonal shape that grips your chalk, keeping it nice and safe.


Style: Octagon
Additional Information: Chalk not including


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        December 5, 2013


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    • My first roll of Predator 1080 chalk I lost all five octagons in a matter of 2 or 3 months. Most of them I left them behind because I just wasn't used to carrying around my personal chalk. One got knocked into the pocket at a bar. The one that got knocked into the table was just returned to me about three months after I lost my last 'cube'. Then the very next night somebody knocked it into the table.

      Well, now that I have this none of that will happen anymore. My pack of five will last me for quite some time now. And I like having my chalk at my side at all times.

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