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A Mind For Pool - Phil Capelle

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From the author of "Play Your Best Pool," Phil Capelle has broken down the game of pool into this extremely useful reference guide. “A Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game” covers the non-physical elements of the game. The book covers such topics as the psychology of competitive playing and overcoming nerves, learning to focus and handling bad breaks. But the book goes even further to discuss how to handicap a game, negotiate a game and how to evaluate spots. This handy book also includes: 120 lessons on the mental side of pool 80 checklists to evaluate your game 295 of Capelle's Law for Pool Over 500 great quotes applied to pool


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        December 30, 2012

      could have lived without it

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    • A mind for pool. Could have been a mind for anything. This book isn't a bad read. Alot of fun quotes are picked from famous people.
      The mental toughness aspect is definitley an important part of the game I have always had trouble with, but its hard to teach the mind to think differently. There are tips to help work into being a better person as well as a better player, but you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone.
      While I enjoyed the read I don't know how much it actually help me be a better pool player. Depends on how much you can pull out of a self help book I guess.

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